Interview with TapTap: Discussing the platform’s importance for mobile gamers

Players can find like-minded users in the TapTap community

In an inclusive interview with GamingonPhone, Lisa, TapTap Brand Manager, overseeing TapTap’s branding and public relations, speaks to us about TapTap and its role in the mobile games industry.

A brief about TapTap and its history 

TapTap is a mobile gaming platform. Players can pre-register and download games here. It is also a community for players, where they can get the latest gaming news and discuss their favorite games. TapTap was founded in 2016 in Shanghai, China, by a team of young people who love to play games. Our slogan is “Discover Superb Games.” In the same year, TapTap started to sell its first paid game – The Swords.

With a goal of helping creators make better games, TapTap operates on a service-free partnership model where developers and publishers can distribute their games to the TapTap community without having to share any of their revenues.

Many game developers and publishers manage their game community on TapTap, which allows them to communicate directly with their players and collect feedback from the players to optimize their games. In addition, they would host various events to keep the community active. 

TapTap also shows great support to indie game developers.

taptap interview
TapTap sponsored China Indie Arcade to attend PAX East 2017

In this interview we’d like to know, since Google is banned in China, how important is TapTap for Chinese gamers? 

In China, there are multiple third-party mobile gaming platforms, which might lead to confusion when choosing which platforms to use. Like Google Play, TapTap is a safe and stable platform to use. Partnering up with game developers, TapTap has a large game library; it provides almost all genres of mobile games. Players are able to download the verified version of the games without worrying about viruses or modified files.

The store feature and the community feature of TapTap offer users a smooth experience from finding games, playing games, to discussing games.

How TapTap’s global market expansion might help the general mobile gamers around the world? 

We have been dedicated to providing solutions to the following problems for global users

What to Play

We have the following features to help players find what games to play:

  • A combination of Editors’ choice & algorithms ensure both the quality and quantity of the game that presented to users within the App
  • Pre-registration & testing (beta test) features are also available on TapTap
  • We work to provide an authentic game reviews system, serving as a reliable resource for players to refer to

How to Play

The TapTap community feature allows both developers and content creators to share information including game guides and the latest updates. This is helpful to users.

Who to Play with

Players can find like-minded users in the TapTap community. 

What the TapTap users can expect from this awesome platform in 5 years?

We plan to invest more in TapTap International in the future, with the goal of solving all the problems that global gamers and developers might encounter, regarding game consumption and content consumption.

Sausage Man Case Study

Sausage Man gameplay overview
Sausage Man gameplay overview

Sausage Man launched on TapTap on June 29 and it has over 7.2 million downloads as of today. We have also witnessed a large number of players share videos, feedback, and reviews in the community. This again proves that global users have a strong need for a quality mobile gaming platform and community.

We are inspired. And we will be devoted to optimizing the experience for our TapTap users.

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