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COD Warzone Mobile: Top 5 Best Snipers in the game

Unveiling Warzone Mobile's Premier Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles in COD Warzone Mobile offer the thrilling experience of long-range combat, where precision and power dictate the game’s pace. With the game’s cross-platform capabilities, players can seamlessly synchronize their progress across mobile and desktop versions, utilizing their sniper skills in varied environments. This guide explores the top snipers in COD Warzone Mobile that promise to enhance your sniping prowess.

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List of 5 Best Snipers in COD Warzone Mobile

1. SP-X 80: The Precision Powerhouse

At the top of the list, the SP-X 80 is a marvel of sniper engineering, known for its excellent balance of range, accuracy, and damage. This rifle is designed for snipers who demand precision and do not want to compromise on power. Its high-tech enhancements make it ideal for those who need a reliable rifle capable of delivering critical shots from afar.

Image via Activision

Recommended Loadout: Sonic Suppressor L for stealth, FSS OLE-V Laser for accuracy, PVZ-890 TAC Stock for stability, .300 High-Velocity Ammo for increased damage, and FSS ST87 Bolt to reduce reload times.

2. FJX Imperium: The Long-Range Dominator

The FJX Imperium stands out with its exceptional stopping power and impressive magazine capacity, making it a favorite among snipers who prefer to engage targets at significant distances without frequent reloading. This rifle’s design facilitates a high rate of fire for a sniper rifle, allowing for rapid follow-up shots if the first doesn’t do the job.

FJX Imperium in warzone mobile
Image via Activision

Recommended Loadout: FTAC Reaper Muzzle to suppress sound and flash, Ceros 29″ Barrel for enhanced range, VLK LZR 7MW Laser for better target acquisition, .408 High Velocity Ammo for deeper penetration, and FJX Blast Bolt for quicker action.

3. MCPR 300: The Forgiving Marksman

For those who value a forgiving sniper experience, the MCPR 300 offers a generous magazine and a balance of power and accuracy. It’s particularly suitable for intermediate snipers who are honing their skills and need a rifle that allows for minor errors in aim. The semi-automatic fire mode provides a blend of control and firepower, ideal for varied combat situations.

MCPR 300 in Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Recommended Loadout: Sonic Suppressor L to stay off the radar, 22″ OMX-456 Barrel for precision, SL Razorhawk Laser Light for low-light accuracy, Forge Tac Delta 4 Optic for clear vision, and .300 Mag Explosive Ammo for maximum impact.

4. Victus XMR: The Heavy Hitter

Inspired by the legendary Barret M82, the Victus XMR is built for those who like to feel the power behind each shot. With capabilities that mimic some of the best real-world sniper rifles, this model delivers devastating damage from a distance. Its high single-shot impact makes it a top choice for experienced snipers who can make each bullet count.

Victus XMR in Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Recommended Loadout: Sonic Suppressor XL to mute shots, Mack 8 33.5 Super Barrel for extended range, Kimura Ryl33 Laser Light for precision, Forge Tac Delta 4 Optic for enhanced sighting, and .50 Cal Explosive Ammo for explosive results.

5. LA-B 330: The Classic Sharpshooter

The LA-B 330 harks back to the traditional bolt-action sniper rifles, emphasizing high damage per shot coupled with a methodical rate of fire. This rifle is ideal for traditionalists who enjoy the challenge of lining up the perfect shot under pressure. Its simplistic design and powerful output make it a reliable choice for those practicing patience and precision in sniping.

LA-B 330 in Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Recommended Loadout: Nilsound 90 Muzzle to reduce noise, FSS OLE-V Laser for improved aim, ZLR T70 Pad Extension for better handling, .300 High-Velocity Ammo for increased range, and Aim-Assist 406 Comb for enhanced targeting.

How to choose the best Snipers in COD Warzone Mobile

Choosing the right sniper rifle in Warzone Mobile is about matching the weapon’s capabilities with your sniping style. Whether you prefer the rapid-fire potential of the MCPR 300 or the devastating power of the Victus XMR, each of these rifles has been designed to excel in specific scenarios, providing the tools necessary for sniper mastery.


  1. Q: What considerations should I make when choosing a sniper rifle in Warzone Mobile?
    • A: Consider factors such as the rifle’s fire rate, magazine size, and handling. Also, think about your preferred combat range and whether you need a rifle more suited for mobility or stability.
  2. Q: How do the recommended mods affect sniper rifle performance?
    • A: Mods can significantly enhance a sniper rifle’s capabilities, such as improving accuracy, reducing recoil, increasing magazine capacity, and minimizing reload times, which can all be crucial in high-stakes sniper scenarios.

With the right sniper rifle and strategic gameplay, you can dominate the battlefield in COD Warzone Mobile, making every shot count from a distance.

What is your opinion about the Top 5 Snipers in COD Warzone Mobile? Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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