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Tower of Fantasy interview shares the game’s journey since its release and its future goals

An interesting conversation with one of the creative minds of Tower of Fantasy!

The massively popular fantasy Adventure RPG, Tower of Fantasy was released globally on August 10. The game topped the free games chart in 22 countries on the first day of its release. Moreover, its global version crossed 10 million downloads in just 11 days. Despite facing a few issues the game has gone from strength to strength and received fairly positive reviews from both fans and critics. We at GamingonPhone sat with the Lead Designer of Tower of Fantasy namely Sky for an interview on the game’s journey since its release and its upcoming future goals.

Please introduce yourself. Tell us in brief what is your role on the Tower of Fantasy team.

I’m Sky, the lead designer of Tower of Fantasy. Our Dev team is currently a large team of nearly 200 people. The team members have experience in many well-known game titles. Moreover, more than 25% of them have experience as lead game designers, lead art designers, or lead programmers.

The core members of the team are good at action game development and have rich experience in combat performance and level design. In addition, our team members are very familiar with Unreal engine development.

The game was officially released in a majority of countries aside from a few regions. Are there any plans to release the game in those said regions in the future?

We have heard from players in regions where the game has not been released yet. The game will gradually include these countries in our future publishing plans.

Many players in the community are upset over world exploration being soft-locked by the time gate mechanic. Is there a greater reason behind this decision besides restricting the player’s progress in one sitting?

Tower of Fantasy wallpaper, Tower of Fantasy, ToF, Tower of Fantasy tips, Tower of Fantasy waiting queues, Tower of Fantasy map pinpoint, Tower of Fantasy Astra Scenic Points
Image via Level Infinite

There are amazing contents to be untapped across the open world in addition to the main storyline, and we’d like to encourage the players to explore more rather than rushing onto the next chapter.

The Global version has gotten a lot of balancing changes as compared to the CN version of the game, especially when it comes to the PvP mode, what other steps will be taken to enforce this even more in the future?

We have been listening to players of all regions when iterating the game and improving the Global version as well as the CN version.

The banner schedule for the global version seems to be different from the CN version of the game; will the game follow the CN version after the end of Nemesis Banner, or will there be a different order entirely?

The banner schedule may vary according to regional features. We will keep updating the latest game information and plans on our official website and social accounts.

Could you give us an insight into the development of in-game characters relevant to the main storyline, especially in their design and play style?

Tower of Fantasy Claudia Game Guide Cover
Image via Level Infinite

One of the most popular characters is Claudia. As Hykros Executor, she is mostly based on the concept of a soldier when we designed her. Therefore, the overall style of her appearance and clothing follows the tone of a soldier; but we also took into account the convenience of movement and the strength of the material. As for her weapon, we wanted to choose melee weapons because her character paid special attention to melee combat skills as well as the influence of her father who was good at swordsmanship.

Recently, the game banned many accounts on the suspicion of cheating in the game, but a few players that are still cheating blatantly were able to dodge the mass ban and are still at the top of the server rankings. What is the plan for dealing with these players?

The team has taken a series of measures to prevent cheating and hacking and is constantly improving our anti-cheating work. For verified cheating behaviors, we have given serious penalties:

  • 10-year account suspension.
  • These accounts have been removed from the Ranking after the Version 1.5 update.
  • We also made compensations related to the ranking issue to all servers once we finished the process.
Tower of Fantasy wallpaper, Tower of Fantasy, ToF, Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update nuclei dark crystals
Image via Level Infinite

All penalties will be announced on our official website as well. However, there will always be new cheating methods that undermine the fairness of the game and this is a long-term battle, so we would like players to help identify our blind spots. We welcome all Wanderers to report to us any actions that undermine the fairness of the game through in-game reports or by contacting customer service. We will handle them on time.

Over the first week of the game launch, numerous players have discovered various bugs and server lag issues, can we have more insight regarding these issues and how you plan to improve bug fixing and the overall experience?

Following Tower of Fantasy’s launch, we have implemented server registration and simultaneous limit increases on separate occasions. Problems related to queuing, disconnection, and inability to register and log in have been fixed. Tower of Fantasy also offered individual compensation to all the players who registered by August 11 at 23:59.

Each week we will release a Dev Report on our official social channels where we inform players of the latest issues fixed, those we are actively working to resolve, and a constantly updated FAQ. 

We value player feedback as an important way to help improve our gameplay experience. If players encounter any problems, we ask them to please contact customer service directly in-game (go to “Settings,” then “Customer Service”) to report any bugs. Players can also report the bugs in the #report-bugs channel of our official Discord server or directly contact our Discord moderators.

As of now, the Crew does not have many options that will initiate team chats or cooperate as a team. As a player, I feel the social system inside the crew could use some improvements. Are there any plans to improve the crew system?

Thank you very much for your suggestion! Improving the Crew experience is a major part of our dev plan going forward.

What can the players expect from Tower of Fantasy in the next year?

We will continue to introduce new content about gameplay, characters, weapons, and events. We have the Vera expansion coming soon, which will bring mind-blowing new experiences.

What are your thoughts about the Tower of Fantasy Interview? Let us know in the comment section below!

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