Top 20 Business Simulation Games on Mobile that you should try

Business tycoon time!

As one of the most popular game genres simulation games can be found everywhere. They let you join a different world almost providing real-life feeling without complicated gameplay. In order to help with the decision, we accumulated the best free-to-play business simulation games on Android and iOS for you. So what are you waiting for? Plunge into another world, full of tycoons and businessmen!

Top 20 Best Business Simulation Games for mobile

1. AdVenture Capitalist

Being one of the most popular management games, AdVenture Capitalist invites you into the magnificent business world. Above all, own your own business and be your own boss from lone iceman to the world’s biggest manager. Make money and expand your empire even while asleep until the whole world knows your name!

2. Project Highrise

You get to play as both architect and developer in Project Highrise, crafting world-famous skyscrapers that dominate the city skyline. Manage construction and tenant satisfaction, with success entirely in your hands. Choose your style, from exclusive office highrises to luxury apartments, and shape the city’s skyline. Open restaurants, build luxury apartments and meet ever-growing demands to keep tenants happy.

3. Sim Companies

You can measure your skills against other players in a virtual economy with Sim Companies! Own a production, retail, or research company based on the ever-changing conditions in the game. Experiment with various resources and test your business acumen in this versatile browser game. Manage a company using real-world economic principles, create a profitable business, and compete with other players.

4. Egg, Inc.

Don’t be an Egg, but sell some of them! Join the gold rush, hatch chickens, build hen houses, and launch space expeditions to create the most advanced egg farm. Egg, Inc. is an incremental game featuring crisp 3D graphics, a swarm of chickens, and a unique play style. Balance investments, resources, and strategies to build a thriving egg farm, offering a laid-back experience for all players and hands down making it one of the best business simulation games.

5. Idle Miner Tycoon

Manage your own mining company, automate your workflow, and become an Idle Miner Tycoon! It is pretty fun as you optimize your mine, hire managers to work for you, and unlock new resources to increase your profits. With a simple and addictive gameplay loop, you can earn money even when you’re offline. Upgrade your mining operation, explore different continents, and challenge yourself with special events.

6. Game Dev Story

You can manage your game company in this unique simulation from Kairosoft. Try to create a million-selling game, develop your own game console, and change staff professions. Your team can have various game-related roles, from programmers to sound engineers. Work hard to climb to the top of the video game industry, as you write your own Game Dev Story.

7. Cash, Inc.

Find yourself enjoying an ultimate idle clicker adventure with Cash, Inc. as you build a time machine and become the most popular money tycoon across eras. Tap to profit, upgrade businesses, and let superstars collect your riches. Live a lazy, productive idle tycoon lifestyle, renovate your business tower, and receive special gifts. Hire a mad scientist to build a time machine, leap through time, and be the richest time-traveling tycoon.

8. OpenTTD

One of the trendsetters in the business games, embark on a transport tycoon adventure with OpenTTD where this open-source simulation game lets you build and manage your transportation network. Construct railways, roads, and airports, and watch your empire flourish. With a user-friendly interface, dive into a richly simulated world with changing seasons and evolving industries.

9. Tiny Tower: Pixel Life Builder

Step into the charming world of Tiny Tower, a pixel-art paradise where you become a building tycoon! Experience an idle simulation game that blends creativity, strategy, and fun in an enchanting pixel art environment. Construct your skyscraper floor by floor, invite unique citizens with distinct personalities, and oversee the tower’s economy. Overall, Tiny Tower is not just a building sim; it’s a vibrant virtual community bursting with life and intricate details.

10. Bid Wars 2: Business Simulator

Become a storage unit tycoon in Bid Wars 2 where you make strategic bids, collect rare items, and build your pawn shop empire in live auctions. Outbid rivals, negotiate deals and turn your run-down shop into a thriving business. The game’s pretty fun as you get to immerse yourself in thrilling storage auction negotiations and rise to become an auction tycoon. If interested, download Bid Wars 2 for the ultimate offline storage hunt and business simulator experience.

11. Car Company Tycoon

Moving to some cars now with Car Company Tycoon! The game offers a diverse experience in the automotive industry. Utilize customization tools to design your dream car, from powerful V12 engines to efficient in-line 4-cylinders, with various layouts and turbocharging systems available. Shape your success by creating premium sedans, sports coupes, SUVs, or family hatchbacks.

12. Idle Bank Tycoon: Money Empire

Idle Bank Tycoon gives you the chance to manage your bank operations, accumulate wealth, and aim for billionaire status. Upgrade stations strategically, attract high-profile customers, and shape your ultimate bank empire. With the ability to generate idle cash offline, rise to the pinnacle of tycoon success. Are you ready to redefine the banking game?

13. Landlord – Real Estate

Next, Landlord is another cashflow-based business simulation game where you will focus on trading, selling, and buying digital property. Become a real estate master and build an empire by investing in real-life properties. Therefore, try to invest strategically to move up the ladder and rule as the richest Landlord of your city.

14. Transport Tycoon

Embark on an epic journey with Transport Tycoon, which is available for a single-time purchase of $6.99. Show off your engineering prowess and business savvy as you transform quaint towns into bustling metropolises. Construct transport networks, from expansive railroads to dynamic air and sea ports, and navigate through diverse landscapes. With over 150 vehicle types and challenging scenarios, become the ultimate tycoon by mastering the art of transportation.

15. Idle Factory Tycoon

Another fun business title from the makers of Idle Miner Tycoon, Idle Factory Tycoon lets you manage your own factory empire, optimize production lines, and grow your business. Hire managers to automate processes, upgrade your machines, and maximize profits. Expand your factory, unlock new products, and challenge yourself with various tasks. With an idle gameplay mechanic, your factories continue to produce even when you’re offline.

16. Bid Wars – Storage Auction

One of the biggest business simulation games due to over 10 million downloads, Bid Wars is all about maximizing your profit through the smartest strategy and the smallest bids. Serving as the first title in the Bid Wars series, become a tycoon yourself in this bet simulator and build a reputation as the most cunning pawn shop owner. But don’t bite off more than you can chew!

17. Startup Inc. 3D: Realistic Business

In contrast to other business games on this list, Business Inc. 3D gives you a different experience. As the head of a startup, you take care of projects, employ employees, and develop your company. Hence, if you’re looking for some change from idle clickers and pure grinding simulations, you’ll want to try this one.

18. Tycoon Business Simulator

Ready to be a wealth builder and business tycoon manager? Test your skills in this intense online business simulation and real-time strategy game Tycoon Business Simulator. Get to learn the art of scalability and business strategy as you progress from a small setup to the strongest, wealthiest business empire owner in the world. Time to unleash your inner tycoon!

19. Greed City – Business Tycoon

Get ready to dominate the business world and become the ultimate property tycoon? Enter Greed City, a multiplayer online game where real-world locations and check-ins shape your empire. Strategize to grow your monopoly using iconic landmarks, set up new businesses, or steal from competitors. Own stadiums, landmarks, and cities, upgrade businesses to attract customers, and rise to the top, all with greed.

20. Mega Mall Story

Build and manage your own mega shopping mall, attracting customers, and turning it into a bustling commercial hub. Design your mall layout strategically, add diverse shops, and enhance facilities to keep customers happy. Balance investments, research, and promotions to attract more visitors. Customize your mall, unlock new features, and compete in mall rankings. The game’s premium, but it is a note time purchase.

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