Clash of Clans: A look at the Global and China Server differences

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Clash of Clans, the free-to-play strategy mobile game from the house of Supercell has been one of the most popular games ever. With new updates coming on the way such as Hero Equipment, the game even made its way on PC platforms, thus expanding the player base even more. However, the global version of the game isn’t the only one existing as of now, since there is a separate Chinese version dedicated to the players from China. Currently published by Tencent Games, it brings a different game altogether, and the differences are many. So, let us take a look at the differences between the Global and China Server differences of Clash of Clans.

Differences between the Clash of Clans Global and China server

Well, you might have noticed the differences when it comes to leaks as it is sometimes strange to see different currencies being leaked that aren’t in the global version.

Game Build

Clash of Clans Chinese Version
Image via Haoyou Kuaibao

The first difference that is easy to tell is the game build. Well, the global players won’t be getting a taste of what’s in China with their global release build, available in your mobile stores. China, on the other hand, will be getting the Chinese version of the game, which has been active since November 2022 when Tencent Games took over the publishing duties after the new regulations took over.

Additional Currency Systems

Gold coin currency in coc chinese server
Image via Tencent Games

They have fresh in-game currencies namely tickets and gold tokens. Tickets play this middleman role between real money and gems, sort of bridging the gap and navigating legal rules in China about in-game money and gambling. Now, gold tokens are the fancy premium currency in this version. With these, players can splurge on rare items, like hammers and other magical goodies.

Plethora of features

Of course, this is aligned with the Chinese version. Compared to global, there are plenty of features that you haven’t heard of in the global server, or maybe, you are expecting it to arrive.

1. Bulk Upgrade

clash of clans bulk upgrade
Image via Tencent Games

In the Chinese version of Clash of Clans, players now have access to the Bulk Upgrade feature. Yep, this feature, with just a click of a button, players can instantly max out their base. However, this convenience comes at a cost, and the currency used for bulk upgrading is in the form of tickets. The price of these tickets increases depending on the player’s progress and Town Hall level. Pretty cool, or maybe not?

2. Daily Login System

Additionally, the Chinese version gives the guys who log in daily a rewarding Daily Login System. By logging in regularly, players have the opportunity to earn valuable magic items and exclusive skins. Without a doubt, this is designed to encourage regular player engagement, and the global version might get this on board as well.

3. Magic Horn Chat

clash of clans chinese magic horn
Image via Tencent Games

Another intriguing feature is the Magic Horn Chat. Well, remember Global Chat? Yeah, it is called the Horn Chat here, but with limited usability. This innovative chat system allows players to send messages to the entire player base using a magic item known as the Magic Horn. However, this premium item comes at a cost. The messages sent through the magic horn appear in a separate chat, as well as on the screens of every player.

A Gacha System

Color me surprised, this was bound to happen. You have a gacha system in the Chinese version where you spin the gacha wheel and might get to score things like cool hero sets, statues, and other cosmetic goodies with the help of in-game currency.

More Cosmetics yet some ‘Censorship’

I should say they’ve gone all out on the aesthetics in the Chinese version compared to what we have in the global, from sceneries and hero skins to village effects and even Town Hall skins.

clash of clans chinese cosmetics
Image via Tencent Games

A weird one, but yes, Chinese servers do some censorship. Especially when it comes to some skeleton skins, where there is reportedly a law in China that doesn’t allow skeleton cosmetics/imagery. Seems a bit too specific, right?

Other Differences

Other differences include a revamped user interface (UI) in the Chinese version. There are handy tabs for picking sceneries, features for changing your Town Hall’s appearance and even setting cool banners in your player profile. There was also a Diamond Pass option packed with exclusive goodies with gold tickets, challenge points, and an extra Builder to sweeten the deal, we also have leaks hinting at the Diamond Pass arriving in the Global version in a future update.

Final Thoughts

Phew, that is a lot of differences, isn’t it? Well, if you are interested in trying out the Chinese version, you can download the China version of the game on your device with simple steps followed. Overall, you might get a feel of the China version of Clash of Clans feeling a tad bit superior, but global has its advantages too. Sometimes, it is better to have a simple and working formula than too much clustered in one go.

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