How Clash of Clans balance update 11.651.11 has affected the Meta

September 11th’s Balance update 11.651.11 bought us some important and unique changes to both troops and defenses in Clash of Clans. Supercell continues to improve the state of the game and balance the meta without overpowering certain troops and defenses. Today, I’ll discuss how they’ve played out, and what we could expect in the future.

If you have missed out – here’s a general breakdown of the most important recent changes from the official Clash of Clans blog



Level 1 DPS: 38 > 35
Level 2 DPS: 42 > 40
Level 3 DPS: 46 > 45
Level 4 DPS: no changes (remains 50)
Level 5 DPS: 54 > 55
Level 6 DPS: 58 > 60
Level 7 DPS: 62 > 65
Level 8 DPS: 66 > 70
Level 9 DPS: 70 > 75

Level 1 HP: 900 > 1020
Level 2 HP: 1000 > 1080
Level 3 HP: 1100 > 1140
Level 8 and 9: increased Golemite count from 2 > 3


Level 5 HP: 3000 > 3100
Level 6 HP: 3300 > 3400
Level 7 HP: 3600 > 3900

Level 7 HP: 1300 > 1400

Hog Rider
Level 9 HP: 920 > 890

Hog Glider
Level 18 HP: 2336 > 2124


Inferno Tower
Level 2 DPS: 38-1250 > 36-1150
Level 3 DPS: 46-1400 > 42-1300

Level 10 HP: 950 > 980

Level 12 HP: 950 > 980

How the change of Golem in Balance update 11.651.11 will affect the meta?

The first, most noticeable change is the Golem. Let’s break down how this will play out and affect the meta.

DPS changes

DPS balancing across all levels (except level 4), should make Golem’s less powerful at lower levels, and give them the boost they needed at higher levels. Town Hall 10 and above Golems’ will progress faster through defenses and make its way to the core quicker. This won’t be an extremely noticeable difference, but helps the overall health of the game. 


What lower levelled Golems missed out in DPS boosts, they made up within Golemite health buffs. Level 1, 2, and 3’s Golemites received health increases, bringing them up in line with the higher levels, and with other popular units like the giant. Level 8 and 9 Golemites however, had their count increased to 3. This further creates the similarities between the Golem and the giant, as another Golemite is equivalent to a large health buff. What makes this even better, is how it synergises with the Inferno Tower nerf, giving the Golem better distraction potential in attacks. 

Many players are starting to use the Golem in war against anti-air bases. It’s difficult to say if the meta will expand past this, but we could see synergy with other troops which allow it to branch out further.

How the change in Dragon will affect the game?

Another noticeable change is the Dragon. The Electro dragon has remained dominant in the meta for a while and has been the first choice in many Town Hall 11+’s attacks. This balance update 11.651.11 has seemed to be Supercell’s response to the meta, and their best efforts to disrupt it. Level 5, 6, and 7 Dragon’s have had major health buffs, making them a better tank option in clan castle removal, or a mass-dragon style attack. On a personal level, I find this balance fair. The dragon is already a big player in Town Hall 7-8 attacks and didn’t need any adjustments at that level. Buffing it across all levels would have rendered other units pointless at those lower Town Hall levels.

The dragon has seen marginally increased usage after the balance update 11.651.11. This was expected by many. What we know for sure is that without specific nerfs to the Electro dragon, the meta at high-level Town Hall will not shift dramatically in the near future.

So what are your opinions about this? Do let us know in the comments below! and if you want more insightful contents like this, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for free!

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