FIFA Mobile 20 expected Indian players ratings

Indin Super League or ISL is starting today. But unlike the past years, this time, FIFA Mobile fans will surely have an eagle’s eye on it. The decision to include ISL in both FIFA PC version and FIFA Mobile was much appreciated by Indian FIFA fans. And now, it is the time to see what will be the overall ratings for the players. Although it is pretty tough to guess it, here in this article you’ll get a rough idea about FIFA Mobile 20 expected Indian players ratings.

The table below is sorted by the highest overall ratings of the player irrespective of the position and age. So, you can take a look here and plan to get the players that you think will suit your squad.

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Expected overall ratings

ST CF S. Chhetri3467
GK G. Chatterjee 3364
ST P. Bhatt 3463
RB B. Raj 3163
CB A. Chakraborty 3362
RM LM H. Bhandari 3062
CAM LM A. Swaminathan 2762
RM RW D. Pillai 3161
LM A. Deshpande 3860
CB T. Atwal 3560
CDM CM B. Sidhu 3160
CAM CF R. Nadkarni 3360
LB LM A. Ginti 2560
CB A. Khurana 2660
CB D. Sundaram 3059
GK V. Boral 2959
ST G. Thakkar 2259
ST R. Jayaraman 3459
CDM CB D. Bajwa 3859
LM LB T. Agarwal 3358
ST D. Raghavan 2558
GK P. Nagarajan 2958
LB A. Varkay 3358
CM C. Palan 2858
CAM O. Patla 2658
CDM D. Singhal 3457
RM CM A. Sanghu 1956
ST M. Chada 2656
RM CAM RB E. Suresh 2755
ST RM LM A. Grewal 2654

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When ISL will be available in FIFA Mobile 20?

EA was supposed to release the ISL on 18th of October. But due to some reasons, it is yet to be available. So fingers crossed until Indian Super League is available in FIFA Mobile 20.

What are your thoughts about FIFA Mobile 20 expected Indian players ratings? Do let us know in the comments below! For more quality posts, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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