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Free Fire Training Ground: Everything you need to know

One of the most exciting features arriving in Free Fire along with the Kalahari Patch is, undoubtedly, the Training Ground. It’s coming out three days after the February Patch goes LIVE; i.e. the 28th of February. If you still do not know what’s coming in the February update, you can check that here. And in this article, we’ll take a closer look at this brand new feature.

The need for Training Ground in Free Fire

Training Ground will work as a separate mode where players can hone their combat skills and transcend their usual level of performance. The need for this feature stems from the inability of players to analyse weaponry attributes and enemy strategies in the heat of real battle. The Training Ground is a place where one can gain a deeper insight into the functioning of a wider range of weapons.

What’s on the table

One can find out the spread of their favourite gun, it’s rate of fire etc. through real combat training. It’ll also help players control their aim while going for headshots. Players can try out their preferred gun combinations, ideal attachments. And if this isn’t enough, players can also try out improving their movement. For instance, figuring out the best way to use ziplines, glider. Thus, ensuring an overall improvement in players’ abilities. This feature will also let players try out those guns that are harder to come by in real matches for eg. Groza, AWM etc.

Mode Format

Training Zone is, basically, going to be composed of two Major Zones:

  • Target Range: This is where players can practice their firing skills. Get to know more about their guns and their attributes. Work their aim to perfection.
  • Combat Zone: This is where players can hone their skills against other players in real time. The good thing about this feature is that players are being provided an environment where they gain battle experience without having to head into a real battle itself. Players can revive over and over again in this mode. So keep battling and reviving yourself back to action!

Training Ground: A hub for social interactions

Training Ground will also serve to be a place where players can hang out with other players. Interact with other players, make new friends and who knows, maybe find out your dream squad even. There’s going to be plenty of open areas in this mode which will facilitate such interactions. With this, Free Fire has clearly stated its motive to keep the community a close-knitted one.

The official dev blog mentioned,

Training Grounds is a place of learning, but it can also be a place of sharing— don’t hesitate to share your practice style with friends, on video, or through your favourite streaming platform! We’re very excited to see what you’ll come up with!

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