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Free Fire February 2020 (OB20) Patch Update full changelog

Free Fire has released the date for the Februry patch update that’ll feature a lot of new content and major changes. The tentative release date, as of now, is 25th February 2020. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what this Free Fire February 2020 update patch has got to offer.

1. New Character

Yes, you heard it right! Free Fire has announced the arrival of a new character with this update. It’ll be a female character named Steffie. She’s a graffiti artist, supposedly, possessing an all-new Area-of-Effect skill.

2. Advanced Weapon Attachments

Two new advanced golden attachments coming along with this patch. Attachments boost certain attributes of a weapon and/or provide better functionality.

free fire advanced attachments, free fire update
Advanced attachments for the weapons

AWM: Armor Piercer

AWM is, undoubtedly, one of the most lethal weapons in this game. But, despite being so, fails to destroy or inflict massive damage to the armor with a single blow. All it does, as of now, is deal a damage of 150 when hit anywhere on the body but the head. With this attachment, players will be able to deal a much larger damage to the armor.

Needless to mention, without an armor equipped, a single shot from the AWM is more than enough to kill instantly. Even if the Armor Piercer is not attached.

Plasma Gun: Plasma Thermal Boost

The Plasma Gun is the only weapon that doesn’t eat up inventory space. A decent gun for the initial stages of the game, too. Its mechanism involves heating up when fired continuously. Once the heating reaches the mark of 100, it can’t be fired anymore. Players will have to wait for the gun to cool down. The new attachment converts the heat accumulated into kinetic energy.

3. Maps and Training Ground

Free Fire has stated the release of Kalahari Full Map to “happen soon” after the patch goes LIVE. A new map called Training Grounds is also coming along. This map will probably allow players to hone their battle skills against bots as well as other players.

4. New Equipments


This equipment will recover EP. This equipment will prove to be of crucial use when there aren’t any mushrooms nearby for consumption. Also, this equipment might help keep HP in check while chasing down the safe zone circle.

Electric Surfboard

Players will now be able to use surfboards to travel faster. Surfboards will probably not be as fast as the vehicles but then again, they would also not make as much noise as the vehicles during movement, either.

5. New Items in ranked mode

After the successful entry of the following items in classic mode, they will now also be introduced in ranked mode.

  • Double Mag
  • Ice Gun
  • Bio Scope ( Kar98k attachment)
  • Ripper Bullet (VSS attachment)
  • Rage Core (M14 attachment)

Though, the Ice Gun will be available only through Air-Drops in ranked mode.

6. New Settings and UI changes

  • Players will be able to switch weapons automatically when low on ammo. Also, the game will automatically scale the mini-map as the match progresses.
  • The ‘fire’ button icon will now change as per the weapon in hand.
  • The ‘friends list’ will get a new UI and come with an option to block friends requests. Players will be able to invite friends and join a party via invitation codes. This new ‘Party Invitation’ feature will make it easier for friends to group together faster.

7. Pet Skill Swapping

Pets skills can now be swapped if players own both the pets and their respective skills. Free Fire introduced a similar feature for in game characters in the previous update. Hence, the players had been demanding this feature for some time now.

8. Additional Improvements

Following improvements are also being implemented with the upcoming update.

Weaponry Stats Changes

  • AN94 changes: Fire rate+, Range+, Recoil Recovery+, Damage-, Muzzle attachment-
  • XM8 changes: Damage+, Fire Rate-, Movement while Shooting+, Ammo-, Range-, Accuracy-

TDM Changes

  • All equipment sets will now provide helmet and armor
  • Addition of new weapons to current equipment sets.
  • Addition of Air Drops to the maps.
  • Introduction of new respawn points.

Other minor changes

  • In the upcoming update, players will be able to mute selected teammates on voice chat.
  • Active skills will no longer affect sprinting.

What are your expectations from the Free Fire February 2020 update? Do let us know in the comments below.

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to excited for ob20 patch update,,,,,,,,,,,,,
players are waiting to this updates,,,,
feeling excited,……


We are just as excited as you are! 😉

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