How Summoner’s Greed grew 967% in one year

A marketing plan that actually works

We’ve all seen those annoying mobile game advertisements that promise the most engaging and entertaining gameplay, but when you download them, you end up in a rabbit hole of further ads, lackluster gameplay that doesn’t live up to the hype, and disappointment. Be it one of Voodoo’s cliched and shoddy-built games or one of those RPG commercials with a few hundred champions to battle and women dressed in fairly clumsy military garb. In all honesty, nobody even really even believes those advertisements – may be just younger children who don’t know any better – and the only function they serve is to demonize mobile gaming. But here’s how popular strategy game Summoner’s Greed used such advertisements to see a growth of over 967% in a space of one year

The immense growth of Summoner’s Greed shows why proper marketing matters 

So, this did get off to a fairly bad start. Now, however, we can see a successful advertisement. Although the game doesn’t do anything novel or genre-defining, it does provide a fun experience with interesting gameplay that appeals to both casual and dedicated gamers, as well as visually pleasing graphics.

Summoner's Greed growth
Image via PIXIO

The marketing plan for this game is what really sets it apart. Nobody enjoys obnoxious 30-second advertisements for shoddy games that are more tedious and broken than flash games from the early 2000s. However, memes are something that practically every internet user enjoys. In the case of Summoner’s Greed, they are also highly profitable, relatable, and adaptable.

Summoner's Greed growth
Image via PIXIO

“This success didn’t come through without a lot of trial and error. This strategy won’t work for every game, of course! (Trust us, we tried.) But If there’s one thing that we learned from Summoners’s Greed, it’s to listen to your community as their engagement is a powerful tool”, said the dev team.

Despite the fact that the game has been available for a while, switching to a new type of promotion that made use of internet culture resulted in a growth rate of an astounding 967% in just one year! This was accomplished by avoiding false advertising and instead making fun of it to demonstrate how this game is unique.

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