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Top 10 Mobile games with the Best Storyline

It's Story Time!

It’s definitely no secret that mobile game developers spend a considerable amount of time planning and building a captivating and thrilling storyline for top-notch games that have a lot to offer. Such games are usually exclusive to console and PC. But over the past few years, the mobile platform has made significant improvement and a number of console and PC games are now making their way to the mobile platform. In this article is the list of the best mobile games that have the best and most captivating storyline that players can never forget.

Best story-driven mobile games

1. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Series

Best Storyline Mobile Games

Any mobile gamer would find it ridiculous not to include the fantastic rockstar franchise, Grand Theft Auto aka GTA on this list. Rockstar is one of the best game developers who love to bring mobile along. Rockstar games like GTA San Andreas, Vice City, Chinatown Wars, and Liberty City Stories brought an unforgettable storyline experience to the palm of our hands.

These games brought along with them the exact captivating storylines as they are on the console and PC platforms respectively. GTA San Andreas leads them all though, as it offers a wide variety of side missions and a very long storyline which almost feels like it won’t come to an end.

Giving you access to everything drivable and offers much more liberty than any other GTA series on mobile. GTA Vice city offers a smaller world to explore but for some reason, Rockstar made it look much more beautiful in terms of color and than it’s predecessors. While Liberty City Stories fall back to the old era, but still offer an exhilarating story. With all the GTA games being premium games, you can try these free GTA like mobile games for a change.

2. Six Guns

Best Storyline Mobile Games

A couple of years back when Gameloft was at its peak, there was no mobile developer that could compete with them. Gameloft was basically untouchable. For a while, Gameloft was on top of the world when it comes to mobile gaming. They offered some of the best games on the mobile platform.

Six guns was not a console port. It was a game for mobile platforms only. Think of six guns like playing Red Dead Redemption on the console. Of course, offering way fewer graphics, visuals, and realism, six guns do offer an intriguing and shocking story-line with an interesting plot and twists along the way.

Six guns storyline is filled with an unexpected turn of events and is one of the most difficult mobile game we have played. It’s not a joke. Six guns is one of the most difficult games we’ve come across and when you’re able to finish the story and the game entirely, without using a sort of hack or mods, you’ll understand our point.

3. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Speaking of developers that carry the mobile platform along, 505 games are one of those game developers who seem to want to do more for the mobile platform. Even though Brothers: a tale of two sons was their best release on mobile, they do have other interesting games on their list.

Brothers: A tale of two sons delivers a storyline you’ve never experienced and an adventure you’ll never forget for a mobile game. For the first time ever on the mobile platform, players can take control of two brothers at the same time, with the newly introduced intuitive joystick.

The captivating and touching story of this game is what makes it really worth writing about. When two brothers go on an adventure to find healing water in other to save their dying father, they encounter all sorts of dangers, creatures, and foes. Despite having each other’s backs, can both brothers make it back alive?

4. Leo’s Fortune

Best Storyline Mobile Games

We don’t know about some of you but this is actually one of the most beautiful mobile games out there with one of the best storyline ever written. It looks stunning and realistic. You take on your character, named Leo, then go on an adventure to try and find his lost fortune.

On this journey, you’ll encounter enemies and lots of riddles and traps that you must not allow standing in your path. Experience the Incredible storyline that Leo’s Fortune delivers and try not to get killed along the way. The controls of Leo’s Fortune are also a bit uncommon on mobile. Easy, but might take you a little bit to master.

The game has really cool visuals, a fantastic plot, a funny protagonist, and interesting puzzles.

5. Life Is Strange

Best Storyline Mobile Games

Sigh… Square Enix never ceases to amaze us. Well, that’s because they’ve been into the industry for a long time. And it didn’t take life is strange long to become one of the best games on all platforms it was released on.

When your character, Max Caulfield, discovers she can control time and alter events that happen around her, she is forced to use her powers even when she doesn’t want to. You must use your powers for good or bad. Recklessly or mindfully. Your choice.

Life is strange offers a storyline that is filled with tons of unexpected twists and drama-filled thriller. With realistic and voice intrusion to deliver a better gaming experience. Life is strange is an episodic game. If puzzles don’t stand in your way, and you choose to play the game by going straight for your objectives and missions, an episode should be around two hours of gameplay.

Each episode is captivating in its own way and leaves you wondering what’s gonna happen next. Life is strange offers one of the best twists in a storyline we have ever seen in a game. Thanks to Square Enix for carrying the mobile platform along.

6. Telltale Games Series

It was sad and shocking news to a lot of mobile gamers when it was announced that telltale games were shutting down. Even more surprising, they were shutting down due to financial issues. Guess we should’ve bought more games and downloaded less modded versions.

Either way, telltale games did shut down, selling off the rights to their games to new developers. But it’s not a doubt that telltale will always be remembered for taking the mobile platform to an entirely new level in terms of gaming.

They released such profound games on mobile, giving us the power of choosing what our character does next and how it can affect the entire story. Some of these games include The Walking Dead, Batman, The Wolf Amongst us, Tales from the Borderlands, and more.

These games offered such an amazing storyline that you want to play over and over again. Similar to life is strange, these games are also episodic and have over two hours of gameplay time per episode. You can download some Telltale games from the app stores under a different developer name, namely Athlon Games and Howyaknow Games.

7. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Absolutely incredible! Not just one of the best mobile games with the best storyline, but also one of the most unique open-world mobile games out there. Stranger’s Wrath is an intriguing game filled with wondrous adventures and encounters.

Play as a bounty hunter, capture your bounties either dead or alive in hopes of accumulating enough moolah (money) to pay for your surgery. But when old foes begin to hunt you down and try to eliminate you as well, you must improvise and try to survive by all means. The bounty hunter becomes the hunted.

Roam the open world with four feet like a tiger, or walk on two feet like a human. The stranger is quipped with unique sets of weapons and ammo and certain abilities to assist him in battle and also to survive the creatures of the odd world. The story missions are fairly difficult and interesting. Stranger’s wrath is also one of the most difficult games on mobile.

8. Jade Empire

Best Storyline Mobile Games

Yet another console and PC game that made its way to the mobile platform. Developed by Aspyr Media, Jade Empire was highly captivating and it offered a broad open-world experience on mobile.

Imagine playing GTA, but this time you’re not in Vice City or San Andres. You’re in ancient China! Huge open world with a communication feature which means you can interact with pretty much everyone you meet.

The Jade Empire made the list because of its unbelievable twist in the story which left players stunned. It’s a must-play for every mobile gamer. We can’t hype it enough. However, the game has stopped working on the latest version of Android but running smoothly on iOS devices.

9. Modern Combat Series

To be honest, it’d be a shame to leave this out. Not simply because of its popularity, but due to its sheer brilliance in the storyline aspect. Modern Combat from 1-5 delivered an unforgettable battle and experience that Android users cannot easily forget. Despite the MC 4&5 being released years ago, players still fall back to them to get a sense of war one more time.

There were garnered rumors in the past of a possible Modern Combat 6 release, but it turns out to be false, but who knows, we might actually get a sequel in the coming months. Despite Gameloft not doing so well at the moment, a modern combat 6 release would definitely put them back up on the radar.

10. N.O.V.A 3

It’s no surprise that Gameloft games made the list thrice. Could’ve been more than twice, but then we don’t wanna make it seem like it’s entirely about them. During its time, N.O.V.A 3 was arguably the most thrilling FPS on mobile. Great story, interesting characters, intense Gameplay, Fascinating locations and to sum it all, a thrilling Gameplay.

The story left players with a rather sad end, but it was one hell of a fight to save humanity. N.O.V.A 3 is no longer available to download from the play store but it is still available in your library if you have downloaded it earlier. You can access the apk version for your android devices while the app is still running on iOS devices.


So here is the list of Top 10 Mobile Games with the best storyline. Indeed there are tons of cool games out there that did not make the list. Believe us, we know. But the above games are up there for a reason. And if you haven’t played them, then you’ve gotta give them a go. However, if you feel you have played a mobile game that you believe should’ve made the list, kindly drop the names of the games in the comments, so we can also try them out!

What are your thoughts on the 10 Best Mobile Games with the best storyline? Did you try any of them yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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