5 Best Relaxing Mobile Games that you can try

It's time to Play and Relax!

Most of us are busy with our day to tasks which we must accomplish. We all need to make sure that we carry out our tasks efficiently and on time. While it is obvious that different people have different levels of pressure, it is also true that there are tons of activities in the world that people can participate in. One of the foremost activities in the world, gaming, relieves stress very much. Even though some of the most popular games in the world are highly competitive and may not be a very good example of stress relief, there are many that can soothe your mind. Here is our list of the 5 best Relaxing mobile games in the world that can take your mind off work, academic, or personal pressure.

5 Relaxing mobile games

1. Sky: Children of Light

best relaxing mobile games

Sky: Children of Light is developed and published by Thatgamecompany. It initially released for iOS devices in July 2019. Later, it released for Android devices in April 2020. It is described by the developers as a “social adventure” game.

The game takes place in the fantasy kingdom referred to as Sky. Players explore seven different Realms by means of flying with the help of a magical cape. As they continue their journey, players find lost stars in which they are tasked to return to their constellations, spirits which they must save, and other players with whom they can start a “friendship” which allows for more perks such as sending gifts to each other as it grows. The game offers different cosmetic items that players can purchase by means of micro-transactions. 

Sky: Children of Light offers an artistic game world with soothing music. The gameplay involves positive social interaction which many players find “hopeful”. If you’re looking to have a good time, this game is bound to lighten up your mood. You can read our take on Sky: Children of Light here.

2. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is an endless sandboarding game published by Noodlecake Studios. The game was released for iOS devices in February 2018 and for Android later in July that year.

Alto’s Odyssey is set in a desert themed world. Players take control of Alto, the game’s protagonist, as they snowboard endlessly throughout the game world. Players collect coins and power-ups on the way while trying to avoid obstacles and enemies. The game features a dynamic weather system that changes from time to time, from bright and sunny weather to sandstorms; the latter makes the game more difficult.

The game offers a variety of desert environments for the players. While sandboarding through the game world, players will come across dunes, ancient temples, desert canyons, and other sceneries typical of desert geography. Combining all this with the game’s Zen Mode, a mode which allows players to sandboard without the fear of encountering enemies or falling to death and without any constraint for scores, Alto’s Odyssey can turn out to be a really relaxing game.

3. Infinity Loop

Best Relaxing Mobile Games

Infinity Loop is a never-ending puzzle game. The game was developed by InfinityGames and released for Android devices.

The game offers different levels, each with its own unique pattern which the players must solve. Puzzles are represented in forms of varying patterns and players must arrange them in a way that results in the pattern being closed, or “in a loop”. Unlike most puzzle games, Infinity Loop does not offer a time limit. Rather, it is completely up to the player to solve the puzzle at their own pace. Moreover, the game is endless therefore players can play as long as they want.

Infinity Loop’s simplistic approach to the puzzle genre is what makes it different from others. Playing this game improves one’s focus and puzzle solving skills, without them worrying about any set timer. The game’s music is slow and calm, thereby even further giving players the idea that Infinity Loop is meant for stress free gameplay.

4. Minecraft

Best Relaxing Mobile Games

Minecraft is a sandbox building game developed and published by Mojang. Over the years, the development and publishing responsibilities for the game have been handled by different big companies for different platforms. However, for iOS and Android, those responsibilities are carried out by Mojang. Minecraft was released in December 2016 for iOS and Android.

Little introduction is needed for this game that is regarded as one of the most influential video games of all time. Minecraft focuses on building and crafting resources and structures. The game offers various modes any of which can be enjoyed at leisure with varying amounts of difficulty and objectives in each.

However, when it comes to a completely stress-free experience, the best mode would be the Creative Mode. The Creative Mode removes all restrictions and constraints from players such as health and resource limitations. Rather, players are free to move throughout the map with unlimited resources at their disposal. Players can build structures as per their wish and explore their creativity to the fullest extent. This gives players a good incentive to play the game, as many players build gigantic and sophisticated structures in the game over the course of many months. You can check our Minecraft Beginners Guide here.

5. Stardew Valley

Best Relaxing Mobile Games

The final game in this list of best relaxing mobile games is Stardew Valley. This is a role-playing farming simulator game. The game launched for various platforms at different times, with the iOS and Android versions being published by Chucklefish Limited in October 2018 and March 2019, respectively.

Stardew Valley lets players take care of their farm. Players initially start with a small land which needs to be cleared of any unwanted objects before they begin farming. Players can raise a variety of crops as well as breed livestock in order to successfully run the farm. Over time as they gather up more resources and revenue, players can expand their farm. Players can also explore new areas to gather resources which includes high risk for high rewards. The farm can be customized in several different ways according to the player’s preference.

Stardew Valley offers a peaceful environment for the player to simulate their farming fantasies. There different activities which they can take part in such as cooking and fishing. The game even allows you to interact with NPCs who can help you out with your farming activities. Some NPCs can be married with whom you can start a family. If you’re looking for a game which you can play while relaxing, you can definitely try out Stardew Valley.


That is all about the 5 best relaxing mobile games. The 21st-century era is a busy time period. But even between our tightly packed schedules, we tend to find out whatever little time we can get for recreation. Moreover, when it comes to gaming, some look for competition whereas some look for a way by which they can relax. These five games are bound to offer relaxation and a sense of calmness to our stressed-out minds, while also teaching us logical and management skills.

What are your thoughts on the 5 Best Relaxing Mobile Games? Did you try any of them yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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