Must have features for a successful online slots game

Mobile games are the talk of the town as they are expected to generate $77.2 Billion in 2020 according to Newzoo. But the report of Q1 2020 by Game Analytics suggests that it can cross the $100 Billion mark as Mobile playtime increases by 62%. An increase in playtime results in an increase in in-game spending and therefore it is a significant parameter to judge the popularity of mobile gaming. One of the most interesting developments in recent years is the convergence of mobile esports and online slots games. A lot of things have already been said about mobile esports. But Casino is also a sub-section of the gaming industry with online gambling is now worth more than $50 billion.

Casino around the world is growing in popularity on a daily basis and majority of this growth is being driven by online slots. Such is the success of online slots that in the United Kingdom, £3 million of the £5 million generated by online revenues last year came from slot games. Not all online slots are created equal though, some are great whilst others can be pretty terrible. In this article we take a look at some of the must have features for a successful online slots game


There are literally thousands of different sites and apps to choose from. What makes one better than the other though is their range of games and the quality of themes on offer.

The classic poker card style slot machine is a thing of the past as modern players look for something more engaging, interesting and visually stimulating. That’s why creative content is so important for providers, particularly themed slots.

Film & TV provide great opportunities for slots producers to capture the imaginations of their players. In order to fully maximise the potential of these themes slots producers need to partner up with film or TV franchises to fully licence their games.

Some of the most successful online slots are fully licenced versions of blockbuster movies like Ted, Planet of the Apes and Terminator. One leading site where you’ll find a range of unique games and incredible movie themed slots, including Lara Croft and Ghostbusters inspired games, is 888 Casino, where you can play online slots on mobile too.

If a slots developer doesn’t have the resources to partner up with a film or TV franchise, then they have to come up with a unique theme that will awe players. This can be a tricky task though as there are hundreds of thousands of slots games already on the market.


game designer
If a developer has spent time and money on creating great gaming graphics then you can be fairly sure that they have spent money on making the slot reliable in all other areas.

When compared to other more advanced games, slots for mobile and desktop can seem incredibly primitive in terms of graphics. Therefore, you might not think that good quality graphics are that important to players or developers, however you’d be wrong.

Whilst there are never likely to be jaw-dropping graphics, there are certainly graphics that will make you say ‘what!’ Graphics on slots are very much like the cover of a book, you shouldn’t necessarily judge the overall game on them, but they will help you to form your first opinion.

Good quality graphics are more likely to grab players attentions and draw them into playing, so developers need to prioritise them. Also, if a slot has good graphics you can safely say that the developers have invested good money into the game and as such that it should be a reliable slot at the very least.


Casual gaming is on the rise with more and more people taking to their mobile devices to relax and chill out. This has led to a real change in what people genuinely want from their mobile games. They don’t want the genuine distraction of a full-on and intricate game, they want something that they can enjoy whilst watch the TV.

Which is why playability is so important, especially for online slots. If players wanted a complex game that was hard to master, they would be playing something more advanced such as poker, so developers have to make games as easy to play as possible.

This means making all gaming choices as straight forward as possible and making the rules on special features accessible and easy to understand. As much effort needs to go into developing a friendly user interface as goes into coming up with a theme and a layout.

Bonuses and Features

game bonus
Additional features makes a slot more than a bit of casual gaming fun, it transforms it into a real ‘get rich quick’ opportunity that will keep players playing for longer.

So far in this article we have discussed a series of features that help to make a user’s playing experience as laid-back and casual as possible. Whilst most players do appreciate those features, it is important to remember the main reason that people play slots – to win money. Below are just some of the key features which make slots so much fun to play:

  • Number of reels – Reels are the vertical positions on the grid which spin after a wager is placed. Most slots come with 3 or 5 reels, however this can vary and there are plenty of games that feature more.
  • Free spins – Free spins are a type of bonus offered by online casinos. Players can spin the reels without using any credits, giving them more chances to win.
  • Fixed Paylines –Renowned for being all or nothing, they give players a set number of paylines, so you have to wager on each of them prior to sending the reels spinning. The main benefit behind of playing with fixed paylines is that there are more exciting bonuses.
  • Progressive Jackpots – A progressive jackpot increases each time the game is played but no one claims the jackpot, meaning the sum you can take away gets higher and higher.
  • Daily Jackpots – These are won once per day on top of standard slots and games wins. The pot value increases each time money is wagered.
  • Wild symbols – Adding another dimension to the game, they can be substituted other symbols, shifting the game, so you can find yourself with a winning combination when it looked as though you had lost.
  • Bonus game wins – Mini games within the slots are often where you can find the most fun, these are known as bonus games and are typically triggered by hitting a selection of symbols.
  • Autoplay options – the benefit of having autoplay options is that it enables the player to play the game instantly by spinning the reels without manually pressing anything.

All of the above features make playing more fun and give you extra opportunities to win more money. A game can be as relaxing and easy to play as humanly possible, but if players are consistently losing money then they aren’t going to play it for very long. Return to player (RTP) are important indicators of how much money a player can expect to recoup whilst playing an online slot.

However, it is the bonus features that really get the juices flowing as they give players the opportunity to bank big money. A slot with regular bonus features will always perform well as it gives players the feeling that they are always on the verge of a big win. What makes a slot really popular though is the inclusion of a progressive jackpot, such as on the fun-filled Irish Riches slots game. Throughout the day the jackpot figure will rise and rise until one lucky player scoops the entire amount


So, what is it that makes an online slot good to play? Well, just like a hearty meal it is a combination of a lot of different ingredients. A good user interface, an interesting theme and decent graphics are the staples.

Bonuses, features and jackpots though are the final seasoning, they are what leaves your mouth watering and craving more. Without them you are simply left with a bland meal that temporarily alleviates your hunger but doesn’t have you daydreaming about the next bite.

Having said that though, the slot experience is unique to every user, so what makes one slot great for someone might make it not so great for another player.

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