Real Cricket 20: 4 Things that could have been better

There has been an addition in the list of Mobile Cricket games after Nautilus mobile globally launched Real Cricket 20 on February 7, 2020. Real Cricket 20 is an up-gradation of Real Cricket 19. Those who have already downloaded RC 19, can simply update the app from Google Play or App Store to play the game. After the announcement of RC 20 in January, the mobile gamers were patiently waiting for the launch of the game. We too were waiting for its launch because of the fame of Nautilus and its characteristic of increasing the level of gaming experience but this time we found some issues with the game. Here, we have listed 4 Things that could have been better in Real Cricket 20.

1. Issues after update of Real Cricket 20

After updating Real Cricket 20 with Real Cricket 19, the players get logged out. When you log in to the game, all old credentials are gone. This is very disturbing for those who played Rea;l Cricket 19 the whole year and had 150-200 tickets with 60,000 to 90,000 coins and 75,000 to 1,20,000 xp points.

2. It has made playing shots very easy

Real Cricket 20 has become a batsman’s game as playing shots has become very easy. Most of the time, the ball goes for boundary only after a delicate touch with the bat. Nautilus can increase the difficulty level of the game in order to make it equal for all. Unless otherwise, the game will become mundane.

3. Hard to Run out the AI opponent

It has come to the notice that when playing against Artificial Intelligence, even after the fielder picks the ball on time, most of the time he throws on the wrong side. Thus, the AI opponent gets new life. The only way to get out the AI is by the catches. Also, if you are lucky then you can also get AI out by hit wickets.

4. Opponents leave the game midway

It has been seen that in multi-player mode, the opponents leave the game midway or on the last ball in case they are losing. This results in the winner getting reduced or no xp points. The developers can look at this front in order to make sure that fair game is played and the one who plays better wins the game.

So guys what you all think about the Real Cricket 20? Do let us know in the comments below. And, for more mobile gaming news and updates do follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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