The necessary factors for a good mobile game

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Even if you don’t want to admit it, we all had a period where we couldn’t stop playing games like Brawl Stars, Among Us, Candy Crush, and Roblox. The mobile gaming industry is constantly rising, and developers are constantly creating games that would get our undivided attention. However, there are a lot of factors that go into making a good mobile game. 

Some studies show that mobile phone users spend about 86% of their time daily on mobile apps, and the two most used mobile apps are game apps and social media apps. With that said, it’s no wonder that developers are trying their best to improve and release something new, fun, and fresh as often as possible.

Necessary factors for a good mobile game

Three major reasons why some mobile games get low scores and fail to become worldwide hits are:

  1. Complicated or confusing gameplay
  2. Lack of creativity
  3. Poor user acquisition

While it’s true that there is a seemingly endless supply of games, the harsh reality is that only a small percentage of games are successful and profitable, understandably so. With thousands of new games being added every month, the space is very competitive.  

Finally, the mobile gaming industry is gaining popularity amongst gamers at an exponential pace. With that said, it’s truly only a matter of time that mobile gaming will take over desktop gaming at scale.

1. Simplicity 

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that mobile game apps should always offer some level of simplicity to their users. If you look at some of the most popular mobile games worldwide like Roblox, one thing you’ll notice is that they’re all simple.

Mobile games that are fun and easy to play get users engaged. If the game is too difficult to play, people often avoid it. Mobile players’ average session length is seven and a half minutes, so it’s easy to assume that people don’t like complex plotlines and in-depth character arcs in mobile games.

2. High-Quality Graphics & Good Game Design 

Believe it or not, creating a good game design is more complicated than creating a design for an app. Many factors go into making a good game design, like characters, the story, and final appearance. However, it’s very important to keep design weight minimal while ensuring a good user experience.

Additionally, players want to completely immerse themselves into a game, and that’s why a good graphic is essential.  Whether a game has a hyper-realistic approach or cartoon-like graphics, the game must look good on a smartphone, as it will make the world and characters come to life. If you check some of the most popular online pokies, online mobile games, or mobile gaming apps, you will notice one thing in common – they all have stunning game designs and high-quality graphics. 

mobile gaming, necessary factors for good mobile game

3. Well Thought Out Story 

In the gaming world, a well-thought-out story goes a long way. Players want a purpose to finish the game and keep coming for more, and for that, they will need a compelling story.

Luckily, creating a story is way easier than making a game design.  To create a simple yet addictive storyline, you will need a hero and a villain, you will need to tell their strengths and weaknesses, you will need to say the reason they’re fighting, and from time to time to insert some plot twist that will keep players addicted to the game. 

There are many other apps that players will go to if a particular game is boring, hence why it’s extremely important that the game holds the players’ attention span. The goal is to make people want to keep back for more. 

4. Sound Effects

Another important feature that all good mobile games have is sound effects. Players find sound effects very exciting. A game without them is incredibly dull, while a game with bad sound effects puts players off. With that said, all of the most popular mobile games contain sound effects that are a perfect mix between fun and excitement.

And finding the right balance is not as easy as it sounds. Mobile games with the right sound design put players in the right mindset and an enthusiastic mood. Not to mention that sound effects tell a lot about the action taking place in the game, making them a key part of a successful mobile game.

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