Top 10 Best Sniper Games for mobile devices

Choose from the best Sniping mobile games!

Sniping has been one of the most fun and intense roles to play in war and battlefield games. So, different developers or studios have been coming up with sniping games where one can enjoy sniping and show off their skills in different missions. So, here are best of the sniper games for mobile that one should try out to experience different sniping situations.

Best Sniper Games on Mobile devices

1. Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

In Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, you as a sniper get the opportunity to enter the hidden world of assassination and become the Shadows, a team of highly-skilled snipers. You will be assigned globetrotting assignments where you need to eliminate the targets with stealth and creativity.

You will be able to build your sniper reputation as the International Contract Agency (ICA) by using your skills and engaging yourself in fierce competition against the other players. The game comes with missions featuring new maps, multiple vantage points, and different times of the day. You also get the opportunity to build your team of assassins by choosing different agents meant for different jobs who have their own backstory, rifles, and abilities. Recently released, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows can easily be termed as one of the best Sniper games for mobile.

2. LONEWOLF – a Sniper Story

LONEWOLF is a deep Neo-Noir story-driven sniper adventure game with 5+ game hours. In this game, you get to step into the shoes of a mysterious assassin whose motives are a secret and is a part of a criminal organization Assembly.

The game offers 30 different missions in hand-drawn cutscenes. As you progress in the game while working for ‘Assembly’ you will get your hands on weapons more than 20 which include sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols, bombs, and many more. The game offers a realistic experience with weapon sound and recoil. Other than the missions there are several Mini-games, shooting ranges, and many more. 

3. AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action

It is an online 3D shooting game that offers an exclusive huge arsenal of dozens of sniper rifles of all calibers, from Moslin – Nagant to VD and M24s. You get to play against friends and other players online and compete with them in sniping. The game comes with different maps with special easter eggs, loot chests, helicopters, explosive barrels, and other secrets you and your team can use to get the upper hand and dominate in the competitions.

You also get the option to upgrade sniper rifle attachments, scopes, and silencers and also customize your guns to fit your own style with tons of skins and awesome straps. Also, you get to choose your own character from tons of heroes, including New Yorkers, bad girls, bikers, and even Neo. Another striking feature of this game is that you can create your own clan or join any other clan, take down the other clans, and also communicate with your clan members in-game.

4. Countersnipe

Countersnipe is an online multiplayer game that features the war between the agents of Axiom, the self-appointed defenders of global stability, and the operatives of Havoc, the champions of the new world order. Get to experience the intense 4v4 multiplayer matches by joining the other 3 players. Every game is a new challenge as agents appear randomly across hundreds of possible locations on each map.

Choose your faction, set up custom builds of weapons, upgrades, agents, skills, activated items, armor, and ammo type to suit your play style, and team up with friends to create your ultimate 4-person squad. To be very specific the game comes with 25 guns across 5 tiers of power, 280+ upgrades, and 28 attachments for incredible variety in handling and play. Also, there are 8 agents with 10 upgrades each and an assortment of 24 skills that can amplify offense or defense.

5. Sniper Honor: 3D Shooting Game

Sniper Honor is a gun shooting game that provides you realistic best sniping shooting experience and awesome gameplay. In this game you get to fight against the gangs, the higher ranked leaders of the criminal forces in the city, who may possess an armored vehicle and also a hostage whom you need to rescue after defeating the gangs.

You get to experience dozens of different types of tasks such as saving the hostages, eliminating dangerous gangsters, protecting the police, and assassination the evil leaders. Throughout the game, you will discover and come across amazing sniper rifles which can be enhanced and upgraded by golds that can be collected on completing the missions for greater power and better assassination. 

6. KillWill: Sniper Shooting Game

In this game, you play a role of a sniper in which you are required to find the target among the numerous crowds at the center of the city and shoot the target. You get to experience the sniper role which has to identify the target in the middle of the city stay hidden and maintain a low profile. The game offers you exhilarating vibration in your hands when you shoot making it quite realistic. Currently, the game is only available on Android.

7. Sniper Online

Sniper Online is a multiplayer sniping online game which takes you on a sniping adventure where you get to explore the secrets of assassin organizations, let out your grudges, and take revenge on vigilantes and bounty hunters. Discover new weapons, drones, night-vision goggles, and other equipment throughout the game.

The game comes with different modes where you can play against your friends, and engage in different areas like deserted places, cities, military bases, ports, and many more. Also, get the chance to participate in Arena competitions and Trophy cup tournaments with a variety of playing modes. 

8. Death Dealers: 3D online sniper game

Death Dealers is a 3D sniper game recommended for adults which comes with a vibrant visual style and realistic graphics which offers you great detailing. The game consists of an amazing intense team and 1 vs all battles at various levels with varying difficulties. You get to experience tons of different tactical choices on every map and a realistic sniping simulator.

You can also level up the abilities of each member of your mercenary squad and then head into battles. The game offers both first-person and third-person controls. Also, get hands-on standard and special mercenary contracts, complete the contracts and win rewards. 

9. Snipers vs Thieves

Snipers vs Thieves is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that offers you 4 game modes which include playing as a sniper or as a thief. As the Sniper you are supposed to take out the Thieves and protect your cash from being stolen. And like a thief, you are needed to dodge the bullets and get to the getaway van as soon as possible to escape.

The game comes with 40 amazing gadgets and 20 powerful guns which also allows you to customize your abilities. Real-time PvP battles are also featured in this game. You can acquire different titles for your character by completing the missions.

10. Pure Sniper: City Gun Shooting

Pure Sniper is a realistic FPS sniper shooting game that comes with a campaign mode that can be played offline. It also features a real-time multiplayer PvP combat mode. In this game, you can arm yourself with various guns like powerful sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and pistols.

These guns can be utilized to complete modern combat missions which take place deep inside enemy territory. In this game, you come across different situations in different modes like Sniper Main Campaign, Gun range competition, Hostage rescues, Police fights, Helicopter assaults, and many more. Also, the game consists of 400 missions with several secondary missions and many special events celebrated regularly.

That’s all for today’s 10 Best Sniper Games for Mobile. Which of these Best Sniper Games for mobile games do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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