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Top 10 differences between Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact

Do they even have the same game creator?!

Honkai: Star Rail is the newly-released game by HoYoverse. With the same creator from the worldwide hit game Genshin Impact. We can’t avoid seeing and comparing the differences between the two games. Here is a list of the noticeable differences between Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact.

1. Combat Gameplay

Honkai Star Rail Doomsday Beast first phase, Honkai Star Rail Doomsday beast
Image via HoYoverse

There is a notable difference between the two games. Genshin-Impact solely focuses on the Fantasy-RPG with real-time action and open-world exploration while Honkai: Star Rail is made to be a Sci-fi RPG with turn-based combat and dungeon exploration. Even though both games have a key difference in their gameplay, both games are looking to be successful in their own combat genre.

2. Game theme

Honkai Star Rail game theme
Image via HoYoverse

Genshin Impact has been known for its beautiful open-world gameplay, but this is not the case with Honkai: Star Rail. The new game features a space-themed story centered around traveling between various planets. The exploration in Genshin Impact is endless, unlike Honkai: Star Rail. Even though players can’t travel freely in the new game, it hasn’t been a problem for players to enjoy the game in its own world.

3. Quality of life

The Quality of life changes in Honkai: Star Rail is amazing. Most players already expected Honkai: Star Rail to be good, but their expectations were surpassed when the game was released. We all just sort of tolerated many of Genshin Impact’s more laborious mechanics, these are simplified by Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail The Preservation
Image via HoYoverse

When you want to send a character in Genshin on an expedition to harvest materials, you must first see Katheryne. While in Honkai: Star Rail you can simply access the Assignments button on your dashboard. A similar concept can be added about switching your Main Character’s element, this is much more simplified in Honkai Star Rail.

4. Emphasis on Story

Honkai Star Rail story cover
Image via HoYoverse

Players have been impressed with how Honkai Star Rail’s storyline is much better than Genshin Impact’s. In terms of dialogue, characterization, and flow of the story, Honkai Star Rail is better. When compared to Genshin, which has a huge and magical sense but is frequently very dull and repetitive, the entire “vibe” of Honkai Star Rail is much more humorous, snappy, and dynamic.

5. Characters

Honkai Star Rail Gacha Characters Game Cover
Image via HoYoverse

The difference in Character designs is noticeable between the two games. Honkai: Star Rail features a much more mature design compared to Genshin Impact. The new game also has a better gender ratio between their characters. In Genshin Impact, the female characters are doubled compared to the male. Honkai Star Rail has almost the same number of Male and Female characters including their upcoming character releases in the future.

6. Departure Warp

Honkai Star Rail Departure Warp
Image via Honkai: Star Rail Wiki

Honkai Star Rail is much more beginner-friendly compared to Genshin Impact. The newly-featured Departure Warp during its release, a 5-star character is guaranteed within 50 warps, with a discount of 10 Star Rail Passes. In Genshin Impact’s beginner banner, they do not guarantee a 5-star character and only give a discount for 2 multi-pulls. This feature alone made the new game better than Genshin Impact in terms of beginner’s benefit.

7. Light Cone Warp

The Light Cone Warp is equivalent to the Weapon banner in Genshin Impact. Honkai Star Rail features a better chance of getting the signature equipment for your character. In Genshin Impact, it is really hard and costly to guarantee a signature weapon that you want to get for a specific character.

Honkai Star Rail Light Cone Warp, Honkai Star Rail Into the Night
Image via HoYoverse

Additionally, the Epitome Invocation does not carry over to the next banner. Meanwhile, Light Cone Warp will carry over its pity and the guaranteed chance to the next banner after losing to a standard 5-star Light Cone.

8. Traces

The Traces is a better feature of talent upgrades compared to Genshin Impact. Traces are special abilities that characters possess. It is somewhat similar to a skill tree where you can choose to prioritize the specific skills and abilities of your characters.

Image via HoYoverse

It is much more complex than Genshin’s talent-leveling system but it is also better. In this way, you can just opt to upgrade the most important abilities and be able to save resources for other uses.

9. Planar Ornaments

Honkai Star Rail Planar Ornament, Honkai Star Rail ornaments
Image via The Nerd Stash

Planar Ornaments are additional equipment for the player’s relics. This feature was not introduced in Genshin Impact. This is a smaller type of set piece that also gives a set effect. This makes the characters in Honkai Star Rail much more flexible compared to Genshin Impact. This feature enables a character to have access to two set types.

10. Starlight Exchange

Honkai Star Rail shop, Honkai Star Rail Starlight exchange
Image via HoYoverse

Players will acquire a type of currency called Undying Starlight and Embers when doing Warps. This is equivalent to Starglitter Exchange in Genshin Impact. In this new game, the shop features are much better compared to Genshin Impact. Players are able to exchange a significant amount of Undying Starlight for a 5-star Light Cone. Genshin Impact never added this feature where players can exchange their Masterless Starglitter for 5-star material.

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What are your thoughts about the top 10 differences between Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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