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Honkai: Star Rail Leaks for Version 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3: Upcoming character banners, Bosses, and more

Xianzhou Luofo will be the feature for the next version!

Several pieces of information have been revealed about the new game, Honkai: Star Rail. Players are thrilled to know about future characters to be introduced and set to join the sci-fi RPG with the coming update other than Jing Yuan. Here in this article, we’ll discuss all the Honkai Star Rail character banner leaks for the upcoming version 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 updates along with the other upcoming features.

Honkai Star Rail leaks for Version 1.1

Chat Feature to be added in Version 1.1

Chat feature 1.1 Some players have been disappointed about the chat feature being unavailable for players by the release of the game. Thankfully, it has been leaked that this will be added to the game in the next version. Having access to communication between other players and in-game friends is a notable quality of life change in any game.

Xianzhou Luofu’s new boss, enemies, puzzles, and more

3rd Weekly Boss is to be added to the Echo of War in Version 1.1

Currently, the game only has 2 weekly bosses among the three areas introduced. The first location, Herta’s Space Station has the Doomsday Beast. The second location, Jarilo-VI has Cocolia, Mother of Deception. There is no boss introduced in the latest location, Xianzhou: The Luofo. But not for long, a third weekly boss named “Huanlong” was leaked and is expected to be released by Version 1.1.

New Enemy appearance in Xianzhou Luofo for Version 1.1

New Puzzle system in Xianzhou Luofu for Version 1.1

The mechanics are still not clear as to how the puzzle works, players are looking forward to challenging new puzzles for the next version.

Honkai: Star Rail Banner Leaks for Version 1.1 to 1.3

As a gacha game, the warps (banners) are among the most exciting things for the players. The players will considerably enhance their team with the help of new characters by making use of the starter and featured banners. If the report is accurate, players of Honkai: Star Rail will introduce new characters in the upcoming updates. They are expected to shine in the game with their respective element types.

Honkai Star Rail’s upcoming characters in the version 1.1 update

Here are some of the revealed upcoming characters set to be featured in the next updates.

1. Silver Wolf

Honkai star rail Silver Wolf, Honkai star rail leaks
Image via HoYoverse.

Silver Wolf is a Five-star Quantum Nihility character. She is introduced at the beginning of the game along with Kafka, and players were able to see a glimpse of their abilities. Despite them being playable at the beginning, Silver Wolf is still not yet expected to be obtainable by players until the coming Version 1.1.

2. Luocha

Honkai star rail Luocha, Honkai star rail leak
Image via HoYoverse.

Luocha is a Five-star Imaginary Abundance character. Loucha is a character that you will meet in the latter part of the quest. Some players also want to get this character because of his famous Honkai: Star Rail VA, named Akira Ishida. He voiced Akaza from Demon Slayer and Ayato from Genshin Impact. Loucha is also expected to be one of the popular male characters to be released in the game in the future.

Honkai Star Rail upcoming characters in version 1.2 update

3. Kafka

Honkai Star Rail Kafka, Honkai Star Rail leaks
Image via HoYoverse.

Kafka is a Five-star Lightning Nihility character. She is loved by many players because of her stunning looks and personality, she’s been a favorite of most players despite her not being obtainable at the current version. Kafka is expected to be released in version 1.2 along with Blade.

4. Blade

Honkai Star Rail Blade, Honkai Star Rail leaks
Image via HoYoverse.

Blade is a Five-star Wind Destruction character. He is first introduced in the game as a Stellaron Hunter, he has an edgy-type design as a blade-wielder. He has a unique playstyle where he loses some of his health to boost his damage, similar to other characters in Genshin Impact.

Honkai Star Rail’s upcoming characters in version 1.3 update

5. Fu Xuan

Honkai star rail Fu Xuan, Honkai star rail leaks
Image via HoYoverse.

Fu Xuan is a Five-star Quantum Preservation character. She was first announced in January 2023 as a planned playable character for Star Rail. She only appeared as an NPC in the game’s beta. We get to meet her in the latter stages of the quest and now she is set to be one of the characters in the game.

6. Dan Heng (Imbibitor Lunae)

Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, Honkai Star Rail leaks
Image via r/HonkaiStarRail_leaks

Dan Heng (Imbibitor Lunae) is a Five-star Imaginary Destruction character. He is one of the original characters that we get to meet in the Astral Express. His Imbibitor Lunae form is still not revealed in the game and people are looking forward as to how it differs from his 4-star kit.

Additionally, there will be a six to seven-week gap between each version. Players can accumulate the resources they need to save up for the characters they want to pull for in the future.

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What are your thoughts on the upcoming character leaks of 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and new features coming to Honkai: Star Rail in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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