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COD Mobile: Activision has cut ties with voice actor Jeff Leach over misogynist comments

Not the first time Jeff has landed in a similar controversy

After a series of video clips resurfaced online, Jeff Leach, who is the voice behind Ghost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Mobile, has been dropped by Activision due to the former’s misogynistic comments and decided to cut ties with him. The events were pointed out in social media, especially Twitter and Reddit, which was considered serious by the team and decided to cut ties off with the offender.

Activision has cut ties with Jeff Leach

This matter was brought into light when the evidence of comments was shared on social media. These clips do have Jeff talking with other women in a very inappropriate manner and NitroLukeDX, (@NitroLukeDX), a YouTuber and FacebookGaming Partner compiled these together to present a case to Activision. Jeff can be heard throwing profanities and sexually charged insults at fellow players.

Jeff was also banned from Twitch back in 2017 for inappropriate comments he made towards ZombiUnicorn (Aka Natalie Casanova), another streamer after which he took to streaming on Facebook Gaming since 2020 where he streams Modern Warfare (where the other clips in NitroLukeDX’s montage are from).

Getting into the light of the incident

Now harassment of no kind should be acceptable. However, some people have pointed out that there’s some context behind these videos and how some of the people involved are also equally shady- not just Leach. As it turns out, ZombiUnicorn, who was a part of a vigilante anti-bullying group meant to counter harassment women face in CS: GO and Overwatch called “Bullyhunters”, ironically bullied and body shamed women as well, as pointed out in a Reddit post. As a matter of fact, the Bullyhunters later turned out to be something of a scam meant to sell gaming headsets by Stellseries through a setup by a Chicago-based marketing firm.

Soon after it was pointed out how shady the entire thing was, ranging from so-called gaming experts who weren’t actually experts in that field, unproven and misleading statistics and donations that weren’t actually going towards female gamers. Casanova then threatened to DMCA strike the content belonging to anyone who criticized the Bullyhunters live stream. Another Twitter user Platinum (@PlatinumParagon), a Ph.D. in Mental Health Research then actually broke down the misleading claims from the Bullyhunters and you can see her research here.

Call of Duty Mobile Characters
Ghost in COD Mobile

It seems like there already was bad blood between Jeff and ZombiUnicorn and that led to him saying what he said. In the other cases, it’s claimed that those were trolls he was bantering with.

Our thoughts on Activision’s actions and Jeff Leach’s future

All that being said, the point here wasn’t to prove anyone’s innocence or put all the blame on someone else. It was to show how Jeff Leach was wrong to say what he did say but also that those who were claiming to be victims were actually just as guilty of doing similar things. Harassment of any kind in video games is commonplace and a very sad thing and this makes it important that some kind of action is taken. It isn’t known whether Facebook Gaming would still like to be connected with Jeff Leach and it is evident that this would lead to him losing out on a lot of opportunities in the future. But for what it’s worth, it feels like a fitting punishment and hopefully Jeff realizes where he went wrong.

Do you think Activision did the right thing to cut ties with Jeff Leach over his misogynist comments? Let us know in the comments section below.

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