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Activision hints Shoothouse map inclusion in COD Warzone Mobile

COD Warzone Mobile will be released next year, and players worldwide are excited about the launch. The developers have been taking in pre-registrations since September 2022. Activision is giving away rewards to players once a particular milestone is reached in the pre-registration numbers. Many players worldwide have been able to play the game as part of the closed alpha test. Today we bring to you the latest news coming from Activision in which they have hinted at the inclusion of the Shoothouse map which will be coming in the first season of COD Warzone Mobile.

Shoothouse from Modern Warfare is coming to Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Shoothouse is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which is also present in COD Mobile as well. This map is designed for 5v5 standard modes and close-ranged encounters. The map has already arrived few months back in the global of Call of Duty Mobile and now will release for the Warzone Mobile version.

The tweet does not clarify much on the details of the Shoothouse map and has thus left the players in a dilemma. But, we tell you that it’s none other than the iconic Shoothouse Map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

COD Mobile Shoothouse: Map Overview

Shoothouse is a classified form of the already existing kill house. There are the Alpha gate and the Bravo gate at either end of the map for operators to enter through. This map can be thought of as a three-lane map. The central lanes of the map include the Main Street and the Underpass, made for long-range engagements. And it’s also a perfect spot for those who are contesting for the object at the center of the map.

COD Mobile Shoothouse map
Shoothouse Map in COD Mobile (Image via Activision)

Next to the center of the map is the recognizable husk of a Russian helicopter, and it leads to the junkyard part of the map. Complete with derelict vehicles that serve as partial cover. Moreover, on the other side of the center are cargo containers that are best suited for CQC and point-blank and provide cover from anyone at the Office or the Back Alley. This area extends to the back alley, a staircase to the office, and the forklift.

COD Mobile Shoothouse map
Layout of the Shoothouse Map

Opposite the forklift is the courtyard which has a large concrete block that can be utilized for overwatch on the junkyard and a derelict vehicle that serves as the cover. A second staircase to the office is found here. The office is made for point-blank engagements. There are also two windows providing overwatch on the cargo containers and the back alley. Connecting the junkyard is the shanty house that provides partial cover but is subject to enemy equipment and killstreaks.

Are you excited to play in the Shoothouse map in COD Warzone Mobile first season? Drop in your opinions in the comments section below!

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