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COD Warzone Mobile opens pre-registrations on Android ahead of a 2023 release

Pre-registrations for COD Warzone Mobile for Android mobile devices are now open on Google Play Store. The popular battle royale game is now coming to mobile devices, much to the excitement of players. Before COD NEXT 2022, the game’s teaser was unveiled by its creators.

The game’s pre-registrations for Android devices have been now officially opened prior to the event. For the first 15 million registrations, the developers are awarding lots of rewards. This is Activision’s second game for mobile devices following the release of Call of Duty Mobile in 2019, which is currently one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. Cod Warzone Mobile is gearing up for a potential launch in 2023!

Players will get to play the fan-favorite battle royale map Verdansk in COD Warzone Mobile

At least three game modes, including Multiplayer, Co-Op, and Battle Royale, will be available when the game launches. These game types are all highly well-liked by FPS players, and it appears that the creators are doing everything in their power to live up to their expectations.

The game will feature Verdansk, the most popular battle royale map. Since the release of this map in Modern Warfare, Call of Duty players frequently use it as a playing area. After being debuted in Call of Duty Warzone, it quickly gained enormous popularity.

COD Warzone Mobile pre-registrations
Verdansk map in Warzone Mobile (Image via Activision)

The Stadium, Dam, Airport, and Gulag are among the places on this map where the most action occurs.
When COD Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II are released together, shared advancement will be included. The combat pass and inventory can be used in many games.

Activision is offering special prizes for the first 15 million registrants, including M4 Archfiend, X12 Prince of Hell, Foe’s Flame Vinyl, and Dark Familiar Emblem. After the game achieves 25 million registrants, they have also guaranteed a secret reward. Therefore, without further ado, please register.

Are you excited as COD Warzone Mobile has opened global pre-registrations for Android devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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