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COD Warzone Mobile to offer Ghost Condemed as a 25 million pre-registrations reward

The Ghost returns with fury in the upcoming battle royale!

COD Warzone Mobile is releasing next year and the pre-registrations for the game have already started. Activision had announced rewards for the players who will be pre-registering for the game. Different rewards were to be given to players once the game reached a milestone in the number of registrations done. Warzone Mobile is yet to reach the 25 million pre-registrations mark and amidst this, Activision released a teaser for the upcoming reward, Ghost Condemned. In the teaser, we can see Ghost aka Simon Riley flaunting his cape and looking badass in a unique outfit as he picks up a rifle and cocks it.

After the worldwide success of the Call of Duty franchise on mobile devices, Activision is beginning the next installment of the COD franchise from PC and consoles to mobile. COD Mobile has been a massive hit since its release in 2019.

The game garnered a total of 100 million downloads in the first week. Looking at the number of pre-registrations for the upcoming COD Warzone Mobile, the next installment of COD on mobiles is going to become a blockbuster again.

COD Warzone Mobile had teased Ghost Condemned as the 25 M pre-registration reward at the Call of Duty NEXT 2022 event

At the Call of Duty NEXT 2022 event, Activision announced that they are opening pre-registrations for Warzone Mobile which will be officially launched next year. They also said that once the game reaches a certain number of pre-registrations, players will be eligible for rewards which will be available after the game’s release. They revealed the rewards from 5 to 15 million registrations which are the following:

  • 5 million pre-registrations- Emblem: Dark Familiar and Vinyl: Foe’s Flame
  • 10 million pre-registrations- Blueprint (X12): Prince of Hell
  • 15 million pre-registrations- Blueprint (M4): Archfiend
COD Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

They also teased that they will be revealing a secret reward once the game hits 25 million pre-registrations. The reward has been now revealed which is a Ghost Condemned character and skin.

Are you excited as COD Warzone Mobile offers Ghost Condemned as the 25 million pre-registration reward? Let us know in the comments below!

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