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AFK Arena Valentine’s Day Event is here

The AFK Arena Valentine’s Day Event is here. This means a lot of love and chocolates are being spread among the people of Esperia. Celebrate together this new event, together with Mehira. Collect Chocolate Hearts and flirt with other players for Mehira’s Roses. This event lasts until the 22nd of February.

A Sweet Romance

Mehira’s hand-made chocolates contain a mysterious magical energy that plunges whoever consumes them into the ecstatic pleasures of heady romance. — From the “Hypogean tales”

Throughout this event, you can collect Chocolate Hearts, handmade by Mehira herself. With enough Chocolate Hearts, you can exchange them for valuable rewards, like Heroes or Twisted Essence. But where do I get Chocolate Hearts?

afk arena valentines day event chocolate hearts and mehias roses
Arcane Labyrinth Drop

Chocolate Hearts can be dropped from the Daily Quest rewards or the Arcane Labyrinth. Hard Mode does not provide more Chocolate Hearts in floor 3. The Visiting Merchant is available now in the shops as well. There you can purchase them as well.

Rewards can be exchanged until two days after the event has concluded. That’s the 24th of February. Pay close attention to the in-game timers to not waste a day or two.

afk arena valentines day event rewards
A Sweet Romance Rewards

Floral Flirtation

afk arena valentines day event avatar frames
Avatar Frames

In the Floral Flirtation, you’re competing against other people. Whoever gets the most Mehira’s Rose in this event, can be lucky and claim this new avatar frame. You can also send your flowers to your valentine. Go to that player’s profile page and send them some flowers. Perhaps they will send you some back?

You can obtain Mehira’s Roses as a drop in the Arcane Labyrinth or get some gifted when you are purchasing Chocolate Hearts from the Visiting Merchant.

Who is your valentine this year? Share some love and follow us on Twitter! Be would be happy to hear from you.

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