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AFK Arena x Re:ZERO collaboration brings new characters and exciting rewards

The powers of spirits and demons collide within the arena!

The popular mobile RPG AFK Arena, developed by Lilith Games, has announced a collaboration with the iconic isekai series Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World. The limited-time crossover event commenced on April 12, 2023, and will continue until June 10, 2023.

To build excitement for this collaboration, the developers of the game have released an 80-second trailer on AFK Arena’s official YouTube channel, featuring gameplay previews of the new playable characters from the Re: ZERO series, namely Emilia and Rem.

AFK Arena x Re:ZERO collaboration event brings new allies, enemies, and abilities

With Emilia as the central character driving the event plot, Rem temporarily puts aside her duties as a servant and joins in an unexpected journey through the land of Esperia. Together, they must form alliances with new friends and conquer enemies in what could be the fight of their lives.

AFK Arena x ReZERO collaboration characters
Image via Lilith Games

Emilia, a Spiritual Arts User, and her pet cat Puck serve as an ice support unit, dealing continuous ice damage to enemies and providing AoE healing to keep the team alive. Emilia’s signature skill also allows her teammates to recover energy by attacking frozen enemies. On the other hand, the Demon Maid Rem from AFK Arena possesses healing capabilities as well, but she also has the ability to deal more damage to enemies based on how many teammates have died during the battle.

The collaboration event brings new Gift Codes, Map, and Skin to AFK Arena

Apart from the introduction of two new characters, the game also includes two gift codes that are packed with various benefits for players. Additionally, there is a new Re:ZERO-themed map called Dark Mist Rift that can be acquired from April 12 to April 23, along with a free exclusive tavern skin for Rem that can be obtained between April 12 and June 10, 2023. Here are the new gift codes:

  • Code #1: AFKRE0
    • 1000 diamonds, massive Gold, Hero EXP
  • Code #2: LUCK2023
    • 10*stargazer scroll, 10*common hero scroll, 10*SP/Awaken Hero Scroll, and 3000 diamonds

AFK Arena’s previous crossover events have brought game characters like Geralt of Rivia and Ezio to Esperia, as well as real-world historical figures such as Joan of Arc and Leonardo da Vinci. The special crossover event featuring Rem and Emilia from Re:Zero won’t be available indefinitely. Players can log in and claim these characters, as well as participate in Re:Zero-themed events, until June 10th, 2023.

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