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Alchemy Stars brings the Summer’s Breeze and The Port of Hope event with new cosmetics and rewards

Enjoy summer time with this new event!

Alchemy Stars Summer’s Breeze and The Port of Hope: Winds in the Harbor event has begun. Obtain new cosmetics and interesting rewards by completing the Harbor Myths and Strange Alleyway Shadows events, or embark on a brand-new text-based quest to learn more about Carleen, Vice, and Fia. But there’s more. Cloud Gardens will have periodic updates that add new features and furnishings to players’ personal retreat.

Alchemy Stars Summer’s Breeze and The Port of Hope will be a time-limited event

There are two components to this event that participants must complete: Harbor Myths and Strange Alleyway Shadows. Hard and Nightmare modes are available for the Strange Alleyway Shadows event quest and the Heart-Thumping Divination test-based adventure quest. Join Carleen, Vice, and Fia on their journey to earn Lumamber and unlock several endings.

In addition to special incentives for completing the event, such as Special Star Flares, a multitude of login bonuses will be provided to Navigators throughout this time. Navigators will also obtain Harbor Fair Tokens, which can be exchanged at the Street Fair Event Store for incredible rewards.

The events will occur between August 4 and August 22, 2022, with Heart-Throbbing Divination occurring between August 11 and August 25, 2022. The Event Store will close on August 25, 2022, and Harbor Fair Tokens will be available until August 22.

New Aurorians will be introduced during Alchemy Stars summer event  

From August 4 through August 25, 2022, Navigators have a greater chance to recruit Carleen: Smoldering Soul and Ciel. Players have a 50% chance of recruiting Carleen: Smoldering Soul when they recruit a 6-Star Aurorian, whereas they have a 25% chance of drawing Ciel when they recruit a 5-Star Aurorian. Carleen: Smoldering Soul and Ciel will be added to Mainstay Recruitment after the event period and will have the same chance of appearing as other non-event Aurorians of the same rating.

Alchemy Stars Carleen, Alchemy Stars Summer’s Breeze and The Port of Hope event
Image via TourDog Studio

In addition, the likelihood of recruiting 6-Star Aurorian Siobhan, 5-Star Aurorian Eric, and 5-Star Aurorian Istvan will increase beginning on August 9, 2022. TourDog Studio will also provide Navigators with one Star Flare and fifty thousand Nightium.

New content and furniture arrive at Cloud Gardens

New content, including craftable furniture items that Navigators can utilise to better adorn their space, will be added to the Cloud Gardens. The fishing follower mechanics and follower squad modifications are new features. In addition to the new furnishings, however, the Cloud Gardens will receive two new distinctive trees and three beautiful fish. New Carleen Diary Events: Smoldering Soul, Ciel, and Beryl will also be available.

Alchemy Stars Summer’s Breeze & The Port of Hope event rewards

Log in daily to receive amazing rewards. From August 4 through August 25, 2022, Navigators can log in daily for eight days to receive amazing prizes, including:

  • Harbor Fair Token ×500, General Jasper II ×5 (Log in for one day)
  • Lumamber ×100, Nightium ×5,000 (Log in for two days)
  • Harbor Fair Token ×1,000, Recharger Pack ×1 (Log in for three days)
  • Lumamber ×200, Anonymous Gift I ×3 (Log in for four days)
  • Harbor Fair Token ×1,000, Nightium ×10,000 (Log in for five days)
  • Gilded Lumamber ×5, Recharger Pack ×2 (Log in for six days)
  • Harbor Fair Token x2,000, Anonymous Gift I ×4 (Log in for seven days)
  • Lumamber ×500, Avatar: Reflections About the Future (Log in for eight days)

In addition, for the duration of the event, Navigators can get Cloud Garden furniture items, Colossus furniture items, and unique avatars for their personal profiles. Quests from the Special Event Book Phase 2 Part 9 will be available as of today. Unlocking rewards is contingent upon meeting various prerequisites.

A new costume is available for 6-Star Aurorian Beryl at the in-game store. Purchasers of this outfit will receive ten bonus Special Star Flares. In addition, a number of outfits will return to the shop during the event period. These consist of the 6-Star Aurorian EicyOnyx Iris and 5-Star Aurorian Kleken – Black Lagoon costumes, respectively.

During the event duration, additional products such as the Summer Special Pack and Summer Recruitment Pack can be purchased from the in-game store. To celebrate the summer, all Navigators will receive a 4-Star Aurorian Brock and a Harbor City Pier background as a special event bonus! The distribution of these awards will occur on August 11, 2022.

Are you excited about the Alchemy Stars Summer’s Breeze & The Port of Hope event? Let us know in the comments below!

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