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Alchemy Stars brings Winter events with limited-time rewards and a new music video

Idol Contest Winners Announced; Last Chance to Attend Some Important Winter Events!

Level Infinite and TourDog Studio, publishers of well-known games like Dune: Spice Wars and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt have revealed Winter-themed events and activities in Alchemy Stars. But there’s more! The Idol Contest winners have been revealed, and to commemorate the event, a unique music video has been made. Players can check the full details of the Winter events here.

In case you missed it, Alchemy Stars now offers special seasonal activities that will last for some events through January 19, 2023. This entails the Queen of the North’s return to the restricted summoning pool, a brand-new challenge level that will put your Aurorians to the absolute limit, sign-in events, and a ton of exclusive cosmetics benefits!

Obtain time-limited event-exclusive rewards from Alchemy Stars Winter Festival

The Alchemy Stars Winter Festival: New Year Celebration event has the following events and exclusive rewards:

Roguelike Challenge Mode: Infernal Lair

Even the toughest Navigators will have their talents put to the test in this “roguelike” difficulty mode! As you take on up to six distinct challenges in this time-limited game, strengthen your Aurorians. Use your Aurorians or choose one of the many free characters that will be offered throughout the event. This exclusive challenge mode is available until January 11, 2023. The time is now!

Queen of the North Exclusive Recruitment Rerun

Queen of the North, Bethlehem is back in the constrained summoning pool! To increase your chances of obtaining this rare 6-star Aurorian, use Special Star Flares and Bethlehem Star Flares. Till January 11, 2023, seek Bethlehem. The time is now!

Sweet Melody’s Embrace Event

To maybe win a special costume for the Queen of the North, players must take part in Bethlehem’s Special Outfit: Sweet Melody’s Embrace event. To grant wishes and get Lumamber, Bethlehem’s special costume, a unique avatar frame, and even exclusive event furnishings get Singer’s Notes. Navigators have until February 8, 2023, to acquire these priceless pieces of furniture.

There are weekend bonuses, daily login rewards, sales on exclusive Packs in the store, additional limited-time recruitment chances, and much more in addition to the Winter Festival’s main activities in Alchemy Stars.

The winners of the Alchemy Stars Idol Contest event have also been shared by Level Infinite and Tourdog Studio. Favorite characters of the audience, including Fleur, Azur, Vic, and Eicy, have gathered to perform a unique song written by Katsuhiro Kurosu. Along with a special lyric music video, a special music video showcasing new artwork of these characters has been published to commemorate the occasion.

Are you excited about the Winter-themed events in Alchemy Stars? Let us know in the comment section below!

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