Among Us added Quick Chat feature in the game: Here’s how it will add more fun

Now chat easily with your crewmates!

Among Us is one of the popular mobile games during the pandemic and it continues to be fun regardless. This social deduction game is fun to play with friends and strangers too, the base gameplay is that the players will be divided into crewmates and impostors, and the main job of a crewmate is to survive while the impostors should kill crewmates without alerting other crew members. If a meeting is called or a dead crewmate is reported the action begins, you had to use the small keyboard on your phone to type out what you think. This is one of the hardest things to do in the game. But now Among Us in the new update has introduced the new Quick Chat feature which was requested for so long. This is an easier, faster, and safer option to play if you’re using text chat in the game!

What will the Quick Chat feature bring to the Among Us players?

The Quick Chat feature is something players have been asking for a long time. And now that the feature is there in the game, its a sigh for the players. With the introduction of Quick chat, the players will now be able to make quick sentences using the presets available on the menu. Here’s how the new feature will look in the game.

Among Us quick chat
Quick chat feature has been launched in Among Us

The new quick chat feature has some presets, which are pretty basic and simple to use. However, this feature still needs a lot of improvement on the grammatical side. For example, suppose there is a player named ‘I’. Now, during some instances any of the crewmates will try to report this player as a part of the game. But, the grammar in quick chat will create a message like this : I am suspicious instead of I is suspicious, which is highly misleading. So, always be sure to review the message after auto-filling the content using this Quick Chat feature. There are multiple categories to choose and there you have the option to choose players when accusing or defending.


This new addition in Among Us improves the gameplay by helping players respond more efficiently. Moreover, this will reduce the waiting time during meetings whilst deciding an impostor or a suspect. Also, while trying out quick chat many players have the tendency to spam the chatbox. Although it is not a crime to try out the new feature, but don’t overdo on a public lobby too much because this will result in you getting kicked out.

What are your opinions on the Among Us Quick Chat feature? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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