Among Us next update to bring 15 player lobbies, new player colors, and more

More imposters? Probably.

In a tweet from Among Us, it was revealed that the next big update would have a few interesting and exciting things. The first thing announced was the increase in the number of players allowed in the lobby. Earlier, 10 players were the maximum amount but now, Among Us will have a total of 15 player lobbies. This also meant new players which leads us to the next thing announced. New player colors. It’s obvious that with 5 extra players, there will be 5 new colors as well.

Aside from those two major announcements, there would also be an improvement in the art styles along with bug fixes. Now an increase in the maximum number of players in a lobby was something the players had been asking for for a while to make games a bit more fun.

If we were to do the math, earlier with 2 imposters, they would have to kill 4 crewmates to win. But the game had options for 3 imposters which meant that in that game mode they would have to take out just 4 to win. Seems a bit unfair and if the number of players increased, there would be a balance in the 3 imposter lobbies. These very changes were teased earlier as well soon after the Airship update.

When 15 player lobbies will arrive in Among Us

There’s no date for the next Among Us update yet but the last major update was released just a little less than a month ago so the players might have to wait for a while.

Are you excited for the 15 player lobbies in Among us? Do let us know in the comments below!

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