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The Airship map has finally arrived in Among Us on March 31st, 2021, with a new lobby, account system, and more. As expected with any major updates, some bugs and errors are still being reported after this update. However, developer Innersloth is working hard on fixing these issues. And they have published a progress report on the bugs, common errors, and fixes that have been addressed so far in the game after this Airship update in Among Us.

Common Errors and Fixes in Among Us

Microsoft Store 

  • Earlier, the Microsoft Store version of the game consisted of Steam integration. As a result, players who don’t own the game on Steam were booted out and sent to the Steam store when they tried launching the game. But now this error has been fixed.
  • Currently, the Microsoft Store build is still not allowing Xbox Live login. The devs have announced that a new Build is being worked on and the next build will address this issue.


  • Fixed an issue where Polus floors/lava was missing on iOS
  • The devs have also announced that they have fixed the bug where Airship walls were invisible on iOS 
  • Earlier, shadows use to get broken on iOS. Now this bug has been fixed.


  • Accounts currently aren’t working on Google Play. The devs have said that they have been holding talks with Google in addition to working on this but as of now, there’s no progress regarding this issue. The devs are still waiting on Google.
  • As of now, if you try to sign in on Google, you’ll get an error message and automatically be on a guest account. This will lock you to Quick Chat for now. But again, the devs have said that they are working on a fix. If you still have trouble, just restart the game and you’ll be on a guest account.
Among Us Common errors
Account creation issue

General Errors Fixes

  • Infinite loading screen: Earlier, mostly just restarting your game resolved this issue. But still, many players have been facing this issue. The devs have said that maybe a lot of issues are stemming from a missing DLL. The fix is to install vc_redist.x86.exe from Microsoft. Moreover, they are working to put out a patch that has this automatically installed. However, if you are still getting the infinite load screen despite restarting multiple times, please follow these steps:
  1. Send your Player Log. To find the right file, put %appdata%\..\LocalLow\Innersloth\Among Us in an explorer browser and find the file Player.log (sometimes it’s displayed without the .log part, so a file just named Player is also good)
Among Us Common errors
Fixing your infinite loading screen issue
  1. Email that file to Subject line: “Infinite loading screen bug”.
  2. And that’s it! The devs will use this data to get fixes out as soon as possible!
  • Authentication issues: Just like the image below, these issues are still occurring, now on all platforms including mobile. The devs have said that they have been trying to replicate and other users are able to join games fine, so it’s not happening consistently. Because it’s on all platforms, the devs are suspecting server-side traffic jam for this issue happening right now. Keep trying to join and see if other servers work, but keep in mind it may take awhile.
Among Us Common errors
Authentication issues in Among Us
  • Account Sign-in Issues: If you’re having issues signing into accounts (MismatchedProductUserIDs and LinkAccountFail), make sure you are not trying to log into multiple accounts on your platform (Steam/Google Play/Epic/etc.) – right now the game only supports connecting one account to the game. This also could happen if you are logged into the same account on multiple devices.
Among Us Common errors
Account Sign-in Issues in Among Us
  • NullContinuanceToken Issues: The devs have said that they are looking into this error. But it basically means the game tried to sign you in but isn’t getting a token back. The devs have asked the players to try to restart a few times. Meanwhile the devs are looking into a fix. If you’re still having errors, follow these steps:
  1. Send your Player Log to the devs, tell them what platform you’re on, and give them your Platform User ID Number. Here’s how to find it on Steam and Epic.
  2. Email that file to Subject line: “NullContinuanceToken bug”.
  3. The devs will use this data to get fixes out as soon as possible!

In Game Bugs fixes

  • If you get stuck in place after a meeting, open and close the Settings menu and you should be free to move again.
  • If you are above the minimum age of consent within your country (mostly 13+) and are still locked into Quick Chat (and are logged in, not on an Android device) make sure you change to Free + Quick Chat in the game Settings.
  • Certain players are seeing broken player sprites as pink rectangular shapes. This a very specific hardware issue, finding fixes now.
  • Your randomized name will keep changing unless you open the Account window > tap ‘randomize name’. After you complete this step, the name you pick sticks to your profile.

That is all about several of the reported bugs and common errors which have been resolved already in Among Us, Moreover, Innersloth is currently working to fix the rest as soon as possible.

What is your opinion on these Common errors and their fixes in Among Us? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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It keeps kicking me out of among us and glitching me to my home screen every time a game starts what do I do?


When I open among us, i click on my profile, then i see no outfits, and when i open my outfit icon😱 there are no outfits but icons. Every icon has no outfit in it! They are all empty! Please fix this glitch.

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