Angry Birds Journey has soft-launched in selected countries

Join the Angry Birds and recover the Egg Wonders!

The latest entry from Angry Birds, into the mobile game market, has arrived on Android and iOS in the US, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, and Poland. Angry Birds has been through many different forms since its initial release as a slingshot game. It seems though, that Rovio now has decided to come full circle with Angry Birds Journey as they’re finally going back to the slingshot style that we’ve come to know Angry Birds for.

Gameplay Overview

The game’s art style and design aesthetics should be familiar to any fans of the Angry Birds franchise as it’s just a rebranding of Angry Birds Casual. Angry Birds Casual soft-launched just last year on iOS in the same regions and it did well for itself. The gameplay is much like the old Angry Birds style where players catapult the birds into structures to destroy them. The birds are all here now with their redesigns, but players can also expect new characters to become acquainted with. The Birds all have abilities too that activate when they’re fired and can create many new gameplay and puzzle opportunities.

It’s worth making note that this game is currently only soft-launching in these select regions. This is essentially the same as the game being in early-access release and as such, there is no word on when other regions can get their hands on this game. We feel that since the release just sprung on us and that it’s just more of a rebranding of an already established game, we can possibly see the release soon. This is all dependent on how well this soft launch goes, however.

The game is free-to-play which means it comes with all the benefits and detriments of this gameplay style. The in-app purchases are here with the same currency pack and start bundle shenanigans that we’ve gotten used to over the years. There is also a stamina system in place which while at the start seems very manageable we can see it becoming unbearable.

Angry Birds fans must check this out!

Well, maybe Rovio will surprise everyone with this return to form factor in Angry Birds Journey and all the fans will flock to the game on iOS and Android. If you liked the original games and want to give them a try feel free to if you’re in the available regions. The monetization doesn’t seem particularly egregious, but developers understand the review cycle and quite possibly just have all the grinding more hours into the gameplay.

Angry Birds Journey is available now over on the App Store and Google Play in the USA, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, and Poland. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. So if you are resident in either of those regions, head over to your respective app stores and check it out!

What are your views as Rovio soft launches Angry Birds Journey in selected regions? Did you try it out yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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