Angry Birds make its way to Minecraft with a new adventure world DLC

Get ready to play pixelated Angry Birds in the world of Minecraft

The evil green pigs and the wild Angry Birds have invaded the world of Minecraft with DLC and are here to spread chaos all around. And the only ones who can stop them are the only team of Angry Birds. That’s right!

In this new Minecraft DLC, players can now enjoy their age-old favorite Angry Birds game in an all-new way. This includes new adventures and a whole slew of goodies strewn around for you to obtain.

The new adventure world DLC features two new game modes and various goodies

Oreville Studios and Rovio Entertainment are here with an epic collaboration that brings two new modes. The Classic Mode lets you use the famous giant slingshot to launch birds and take down the giant piggy towers. If you thought Angry Birds couldn’t get any better, now you have that game in 3D in the beloved voxel style of Minecraft.

You also get Mission Mode which lets you complete various rescue quests to free your imprisoned feathery mates from the grasp of the piggies. You can use the birds as playable characters with their special abilities that will wreck the strongest of the green-hued foes. Players can also find Golden Eggs as they play the game from which they can get Hatchling buddies.

Andry Birds fans WILL NOW HAVE A HAY DAY PLAYING Minecraft with 6 playable Angry Birds characters, a special Angry Birds Character Creator item, and ten character skins. This DLC is only available for the Bedrock edition and can be accessed through the Minecraft Marketplace. Chuck, Bomb, Stella, and the rest of your feathered crew are here to help you uproot the pigs’ evil plans and have fun doing it. Players can download the Angry Birds DLC on Minecraft Marketplace now!

What are your thoughts as Angry Birds join Minecraft with a new adventure world, DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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