Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp version 5.0 update is bringing more animals, smart device widget, pocket planner feature, and more

More features, more fun, and more rewards!

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has finally arrived with its version 5.0 update. A lot of exciting things are coming with the update. In a brief, this 5.0 update includes more animals at players’ campsites, a new smart device widget, a new pocket planner feature, etc. As the game claimed, players can update the game from today.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Version 5.0 update features

Here’s everything that’s coming in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp version 5.0 update.

New pocket planner feature

The number of animals that players can invite to their campsite has been increased. Now players can invite up to 16 animals where it was 8 before. This will add extra fun playing the game as players can now have bigger parties, bigger snowball fights, and a cheerful campsite livelier than ever before.

Smart device widget: Swing by the campsite anytime

This is one of the most interesting things coming with this update. The game now lets the player place a small campsite on their home screen. The widget changes based on the time of day. And, different animals appear with messages to catch players’ attention. The widget will also work as a “tap to go” for the app, meaning that players can enter the game by tapping on the widget.

Animal Crossing gameplay (Image via Nintendo)

Pocket planner

This is sort of a “to-do” list inside the game. Each player will have a planner. Players’ in-game event schedules, items information, etc. will be in there so players don’t have to worry about missing any events. Also, players can choose to get notification of the release date of their favorite/interested items.

Membership plan for the pocket camp club

Players can subscribe to the new Merry Memories Plan to unlock more features for the Pocket Planner. Subscribing to the plan will let players purchase planner designs and customize them as their choice, more seasonal event rewards, etc. As a bonus, the first sign-up will give a free design. Players can buy stickers from the shop and use them in conversations.

The planner can also count a player’s daily steps if the device is linked to the pedometer app. Animals might send a lot of praise as a reward for walking. The Merry Memories Plan costs $0.99 per month and members get 20 Leaf Tickets per month.

For players who cannot be able to update the game, follow the steps shown in the image below.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Version 5.0 update
Image via Nintendo

Finally, make sure to update the game and start enjoying all the exciting features it’s offering.

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