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AOTU World is being republished as Aotuverse NFT after shutting down in April 2022

The game is based on the second most popular anime franchise in China

AOTU World shut down the game in April and the game is now being rebranded and reformed into an NFT game called Aotuverse NFT. Catheon Gaming the fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming & entertainment company confirmed today that they are collaborating with MultiMetaverse Inc (“MMV”) to bring AOTU World in the form of Aotuverse onto the blockchain. As Web3 keeps gaining momentum the developers want to capitalize on it. 

We first reported in February that the game’s servers are being shut down. Back then the company did not disclose much information about the game’s termination. It looks like the game’s services were terminated because the company had other plans which have been revealed with Aotuverse NFT’s announcement.

MultiMetaVerse commented: “AOTU World is a popular anime franchise among younger generations in China, with unique artwork and inspiring character story development. It has attracted tens of millions of fans and a large group of UGC creators. We are delighted that our game product, adapted from the AOTU World franchise, will embrace the decentralized community outside China via Catheon Gaming.

Experience the web3 version of AOTU World in Aotuverse

Aotuverse is the blockchain, web3 version game based on AOTU World. The game spun off from AOTU World, the popular anime franchise. AOTU World is among the most popular animation series in China, as per the public polls, viewership, and topic data on mainstream Chinese social media platforms. 

According to the official description, the game takes place in a world ruled by 7 Divine Oracles and the God of Creation. Getting bored with the very system he created, God founded a tournament to grant anyone worthy enough the opportunity to achieve divinity.

The game includes the world of the AOTU Tournament and features fast-paced RPG action. Different characters are present in the game from which players can choose. The characters included in the game are King, Grey, Phantom, Kalie, and Lemon.

Choose wisely to be victorious in Autoverse NFT

Aotuverse is a fast-paced competitive mobile strategy RPG, which focuses on skilled turn-based, auto-chess gameplay. The game has two core game modes: ranked PVP and narrative-driven PVE.

Players engage in battles that take place on a chessboard where characters can be moved around within a limited range. Each of the squares on the board represents a unique possible action for characters to undertake. This is the most important task for the players as they have to choose the best action to earn the victory.

To achieve glory in Autoverse, players will have to be devising their own strategies and tactics. The game has over 50 characters each with unique stats, skills, weapons, and abilities, so getting the right balance of team composition is critical.

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