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Apex Legends Mobile December 2022 leaks: Upcoming Legends, Modes and more

Just a few days ago, Apex Legends Mobile’s season 3.5 ‘Underworld‘ update has launched. Season 3.5 has brought new legends, seasonal events, cosmetic bundles, and more. With Season 4 and 4.5 coming up next in Apex Legends Mobile, players are hyped for the upcoming legends and modes waiting to be included in the title. Now is the time when leaks come in handy to reveal information about any new updates in the game. Several leaks suggest that Apex Legends Mobile will receive new exclusive legends Horizon and Valkyrie will be added in seasons 4 and 4.5, respectively. Leaks have also revealed the fourth season’s theme and probable game styles.

Horizon and Valkyrie could be arriving in Season 4 and Season 4.5 of Apex Legends Mobile

The attacking legend Horizon is a master at reversing gravity and exploiting it to her advantage. Her tactical ability, “Gravity Lift,” causes foes to experience the opposite of gravity by lifting them into the air.

Apex Legends Mobile leaks
Image via EA

With her passive talent, “Spacewalk,” she may regulate the speed of her movement while in the air and lessen the impact of a landing on the ground. Enemies close to her are practically sucked in by her ultimate ability, “Black Hole.”

Apex Legends Mobile December 2022 Leaks: Season Themes and New Modes

Aspire appears to be the name of the upcoming season, which will introduce a new Aspire Hub and Store to the game, in addition to rumours about new legends in season 4. Branthium, an element with limitless energy, and Horizon’s quest to find a way to get back to the good times are both mentioned in the new season’s name, which makes sense given the subject matter.

Additional leaks suggest that the game may soon introduce a new mode called “Championship,” where players can compete in matches and take part in activities to win tokens. These tokens might serve as the entrance fee for the Apex Legends Mobile esports competition series, however that is currently just wild speculation.

Early leaks hinted at Wattson’s inclusion in the game, however more recent leaks have ruled it out. While they wait for formal confirmation, gamers must still take advantage of the game’s ongoing events and modes.

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