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Apex Legends Mobile Leaks suggest the arrival of DJ, the second mobile-exclusive legend

Exciting content upcoming in Apex Legends Mobile!

With Season 2 of Apex Legend Mobile around the corner, players are hyped for the new map, upcoming legends, and modes waiting to be included in the title. Now is the time when leaks come in handy to reveal information about any new updates in the game. Several leaks suggest that Apex Legends Mobile will receive a new exclusive legend by the code name DJ aka Rhapsody.

Legends with their unique abilities play a central role in this strategy-based battle royale genre. This justifies the community’s excitement about the addition of new Legends to Apex Legend Mobile. The recent leaks from Apex Mobile leaker ThatOneGamingBot suggest that a new character named ‘DJ’ aka Rhapsody, maybe the next legendary figure. 

New Legend DJ aka Rhapsody will join as the second mobile-exclusive legend after Fade

While some would like to see legends from the PC edition join in, many would prefer to see brand-new legends created exclusively for the mobile game. The latest season 1.5 titled, the Cold Snap introduced support Legend Loba in Apex Legend Mobile. Rumors had it that legends existing in the PC title including Revenant and Wattson might be the next ones to be included in the game. However, if the leaks are accurate, then DJ will be the second mobile-exclusive legend after Fade.

 Apex Legend Mobile DJ leaks
Image via Electronic Arts

Though no image of the speculated legend, DJ is yet available, Nebula, a robot dog, has been shown in leaked pictures. Nebula is an electronic dog in a purple shade whose head looks like an audio speaker. It’s only a guess, but the dog might be a companion or a gadget that DJ throws down to spot enemies and mark targets functioning like a radar detector. Also, the legend might have abilities related to sound.

A new multiplayer mode codenamed Occupation Point is set to arrive with the upcoming update

Players are also craving new maps and modes to enhance the dynamic gameplay. Additional leaks hint at the arrival of the upcoming Multiplayer mode codenamed Occupation Point in the game. Although no information is available about the arrival dates, there are high chances that the upcoming multiplayer mode maps will be Phase Runner, Water Plant, and Refinery.

Although a new legend will be added to the roster in the future season, legend DJ has not yet received an official confirmation. Undoubtedly, the developers of the game will introduce a lot of fresh updates and events that will please the fans.

What are your thoughts about leaks of the second mobile-exclusive legend DJ aka Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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