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Apex Legends Mobile to introduce Revenant in season 3.5 according to leaks

New legend might come to the game soon!

The ongoing season 3 Champions in Apex Legends Mobile introduced legend Ash to the game. Leaks about Revenant hitting the game were also teased before season 3 arrived, which is now being confirmed by reliable data miners of Apex Legends Mobile. This indicates that Revenant is likely to be the next legend to release in the upcoming season 3.5.

Leaks by data miners, Apex Mobile Leaks, and others suggest that in-game files have information regarding Revenant. Already introduced in the PC version of the game, this offensive legend, if introduced in the next season will result in season 3 releasing two offensive legends back to back. Furthermore, in-game events recently teased Revenant for the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile Halloween event

Introducing Revenant, an offensive legend coming to Apex Legends Mobile known for aggression

Revenant, known for his aggression, is an offensive legend who specializes in ambush. Called the synthetic nightmare, he excels at being undetected and controlling the opponent. Revenant has access to the same three abilities as all other Legends: Stalker (Passive), Silence (Tactical), and Death Totem (Ultimate).

Apex Legends Mobile Revenant leaks
Image via Electronic Arts

Stalker grants him the ability to move around as quickly while crouching as the other legends do while walking, as well as to climb twice as high as the other legends. Coming to his Tactical skills, Silence, throws a weapon that does damage and neutralizes an opponent’s abilities for 15 seconds. Finally, his ultimate – Death Totem, helps him and his allies to interact with a shadow form protecting them from death.

In the leaked gameplay video of Revenant, players can check out the lobby animation, upcoming emotes, and finishers of the legend. Though players are waiting for their next mobile-exclusive legend this season, the developers might have been working on one for season 4. Some other leaks have also talked about the possibility of Wattson arriving in the game soon. For now, players have to wait for official confirmation and enjoy the currently active events and maps in the game.

What are your thoughts about leaks of the arrival of the new legend Revenant in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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