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Apex Legends Mobile to release by September 2022 confirms EA

It can't be more late than that...right?

Apex Legends is a free-to-play first-person shooter battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game launched on 4 February 2019 for PC and console and dominated the FPS genre in the entire 2019. Last year Electronic Arts announced that the developers are working on the mobile version. Players can expect it by the end of 2020. Unfortunately, there was no sign of release nor single news about it. Earlier a video was leaked on Twitter by an Apex Legends Leaks account. EA CEO Wilson says the group is buckling down in improving Apex Legends to best fit the portable stage and will delicate dispatch in late 2020. Although finally there is news confirming that the awaited mobile game Apex Legends should finally release before September 2022.

Apex Legends to finally release by 2022

After a while, the publishers announced that the game’s development is underway. And will be rolling out in near future. Before the release, there would be an official announcement. Now, they have confirmed the developmental work of the game and have come out with a timeline.

The mobile development will be complete in January 2021 and will be ready to launch in FY22, which is from October 1, 2021. Reports say that the game could be different than the traditional FPS games as the development works are taking too long. In addition to that, the game looks promising too. Apex Legends has gathered over 70 million players worldwide and has made $500 Million only on the PC platform. The company also assumes that they can make up to $1 Billion if they launch the game on Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

With this brilliant move by Respawn Entertainment, they prepare to put up a good competition with games like PUBG Mobile,  Fortnite Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile. These Battle Royale games have all gained vital control and secure themselves a good spot in the hearts of mobile gamers, and quite frankly it only sounds right that Apex Legends wants the same thing.

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