Apocalypse Heroes – Twin Stick Shooter is an indie title available on Android

Help save the world and avert apocalypse in this fun twin stick shooter

Apocalypse Heroes is a twin-stick shooter game developed by Old Oak Den. Old Oak Den is famously known for its previous game Dungeon Master, which is an original hybrid between a card game, dungeon crawler, and puzzle game. After its release on Android, Apocalypse Heroes can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Apocalypse Heroes: Gameplay overview

Apocalypse Heros is a twin stick shooter game set in an apocalyptic world. Just like any other twin stick shooter game, Apocalypse Heros features a 360-degree moment where the characters can rotate in any direction they want. Generally, in twin stick shooters there are two joysticks, one for movement and one for shooting. But Apocalypse Heros adds its own twist to it.

Apocalypse Heroes Android release
Apocalypse Heroes Controls

Players have to control two characters at the same time where two joysticks are used for both the character movements. Players just have to move in the enemy’s direction, the game will automatically shoot.

The game’s art style is very retro. The characters are inspired by famous action movie characters. The game’s character style is similar to Broforce, a very popular side-scrolling game developed by FreeLives which also has characters based on popular action movies. The monsters in the game resemble demons from the popular first-person shooter Doom.

Apocalypse Heroes Android release
Apocalypse Heroes Characters

Currently, players can choose six different characters. All the characters have their own weapons and skills. Players can upgrade them through coins which they can get by completing missions or by purchasing gems through in-app purchases. Additionally, players can earn coins by watching small advertisements in-game as well. There are different weapons for different characters that have their own merits and demerits. 

A decent PvE experience in a post-apocalyptic setting

The main goal of the game is to clear and conquer the areas. Players can play different regions which will be unlocked as the players level up. Players have to fight different monsters, zombies, aliens to clear the area. Players can also choose the difficulty of the mission. Currently, there are three difficulties and they will be rewarded accordingly to the selected difficulty.

Apocalypse Heroes Android release
Apocalypse Heroes missions
  • Easy Mission: 3 Medals
  • Normal Mission: 4 Medals
  • Hard Mission: 5 Medals

Medals are used for leveling up. Medals unlock different regions, characters, and coins.

Research is another important aspect of the game. After defeating monsters, players can bring them back to headquarters where they can be researched. The goal of the research is to fight the enemy more effectively and gain bonuses and resources from defeated enemies. The research takes time but it can also be accelerated.

Apocalypse Heroes is now available to download on Android

The game is currently available only on Android. There is no word on the iOS launch at this moment. But considering the previous works of the developers, the game will probably be launched for iOS as well.

Are you excited now about the Android release of Apocalypse Heroes? Let us know in the comments below.

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