Apple is reportedly working to bring its own game controller

The iController might be Apple’s next revolutionary gadget

According to the latest reports, Apple is planning to launch its own game controller. A recent patent has been granted to the tech giant where new designs for a gaming controller have been revealed. The patent was filed back on August 27, 2021, and was granted to Apple by the US Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office on March 31, 2022. This grant has opened up a lot of opportunities for the company through which they can work on a range of gaming accessories for the iPhone and iPad.

It looks like Apple is living no stones unturned by venturing into the gaming arena. The gaming industry has become a behemoth in the last couple of years and almost all the big tech giants are joining in the revolution to make games more accessible to gamers worldwide

The controllers are inspired by the latest designs from the current market

Details of the patent have revealed that Apple has come up with three designs for their game controller. The first design features a style that is very much similar to Microsoft’s Xbox controller where players will be able to take control of their game using a thumb and a control button. Apple provides universal support for Sony’s PlayStation and Xbox controllers with its devices.

first controller
Image via TechSpot

The second patent design looks quite similar to the Nintendo Switch gaming console. It comes as no surprise that Apple is replicating the aesthetics and design of one of the most popular consoles.

second controller
Image via TechSpot

A company that has perfected the design and development of electronic gadgets throughout the years is doing a snap-on design along with two modular controller units to the end of the controller. This design is very popular among players since it provides mobility and efficiency while gaming on the go.

Apple’s third design is like a folding pad similar to the iPad’s flip cover. By seeing the image from the patent it seems that the cover will flip out to present the interface along with a touch panel in between. This design bears an uncanny similarity to Nintendo’s Gameboy.

third controller
Image via TechSpot

It can have 4-way buttons on one side and control buttons on the other side. It will be interesting to see whether the touch panel will deliver notifications or not and deliver a full-on gaming experience with Apple’s unique hardware-software optimization.

Final Thoughts

Apple working on gaming is a bit unusual since they haven’t had a lot of projects in this sector apart from some mobile gaming applications. Every user always flocks towards a PC when they think about desktop gaming. Apple is playing a different ball game by venturing into an integrated gaming experience. The company with its beautiful ecosystem can develop something which will improve both portable and desktop gaming.

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