Arena of Valor AOV Stars Program: Benefits, Rewards, How to join and more

A healthy system for AOV Content creators!

AoV teams have initiated the Arena of Valor Stars Program to support AoV content creators. The AoV Stars Program will provide various rewards and benefits in the hope of creating a healthy system for all the Content Creators. The Arena of Valor Creator Camp will be facilitated by T-Rex Esports, a marketing company working directly under Tencent/Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor AOV Stars Program: How to join

Creators who want to join the Arena of Valor Stars Program need to complete their registration using the following link. Creators need to check out the official astars-video-tasks, which is the Discord Channel of AoV Stars Program for any additional info.

AoV Stars Program: Benefits of joining

The AoV Stars Program will be providing the following benefits to their Content Creators:

AoV Stars Program: Benefits (Image by TiMi Studio Group)
  • In-game credit
  • Early access updates & features
  • Exposure from AOV
  • Chance to be featured in AOV official channel
  • Future profitable collaboration opportunities
  • Training classes for guidance and many more

What is considered as AoV content

Any video/live stream content that is created using the game AoV is considered as AoV content, for example, AoV gameplay & reviews of AoV in-game items are AoV content.

AOV Stars Program: FAQs

1. Do content creators have to post exclusively AoV content

AoV Stars Program does not oblige every Creator to exclusively post AoV content. However, Creators who are continuously making content for AoV as a major category on their social media channel will get more support and collaboration opportunities from the AoV official team.

2. How can creators get their content get shared by the official AoV

Being a weekly or monthly winner will have a chance. Popular content among the community will also get shared by officials. Outstanding contributors will have a chance to collaborate with famous influencers.

3. Do creators have to sign any contract

No, except the NDA of using artistic materials for content production. Creators don’t have to sign any contracts. In addition, creators who have reached the requirements of being potential creators that the AoV official team is looking for will be offered an opportunity of becoming exclusive content creators with certain cash rewards for Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor AOV Stars Program: Rewards

Arena of Valor Stars Program: Voucher System for Video Creators and Rewards (Image by TiMi Studios)

Reward system for total views

Video creators will be rewarded with vouchers, based on the total number of views, they have received on their videos of AoV, while, streamers will be rewarded with vouchers, depending on the sum of views, that streamers will earn from completing the AoV tasks. Cash rewards are not yet available and will be coming soon.

Reward system for tasks

Arena of Valor AOV Stars Program: Tasks Reward System (Image by TiMi Studios)

The reward of the tasks will be announced on the Discord server when the task is released. Creators will receive the reward within 7-14 days after the task is closed and can also get an additional voucher reward if the tasks reach a certain view. Both of these two rewarding systems are not available to creators in the classification of Tier E.

Reward standards for Artwork tasks

Every artwork submitted will be judged from three main aspects:

AOV Stars Program: Rewards standards for Artwork tasks ( Image via TiMi Studios)
  • Theme
  • Art Quality
  • Creativeness

Certain amounts of vouchers will be sent out via in-game email following the mark given. The full marks will be 10.

When can creators receive their rewards

The content will be evaluated based on content style, creativity, viewership, etc. and the winner list will be published on the official discord server. Rewards will be sent out in 7-14 days to all the Winner Creators. Double-check with discord moderators for any confirmation.

Arena of Valor Stars Program: Requirements for Supports and Benefits

These are the monthly requirements for video creators and streamers.

  • Upload at least two 3-minute videos or stream for at least two hour per week (Tier D-S)
  • At least 2 AoV content uploaded per month (Tier E)
  • Content uploaded must strongly aligned with AoV’s community guideline.
  • The name of the game AoV (or Arena of Valor) must be in the title of the content.
  • Tag #aovstarsprogram & #astars & #aov & #arenaofvalor before uploading content or before starting streaming.

Notes for creators

  • Creators need to fill in the Tasks Submission form in the Discord creator group when they’ve updated their page with completed works to apply for rewards.
  • The information in the forms will be verified, providing fault data will cause Creators to lose all the reward and possibly get dismissed.
  • Creators need to update their mod/dedicated manager on their latest info if there’s a change (email address, Discord ID, Game UID and WhatsApp).

What are your thoughts on the Arena of Valor AOV Stars Program? Let us know in the comment section below!

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