Arena of Valor to have global release this April

Tencent backed Arena of Valor (AoV), which can be considered as one of the most followed mobile MOBA game has announced that the game will have global release this April. According to the official source, The MENA server, Russia server, and India server of AoV will be launched together at the same time.


Arena of Valor (AoV) is a 3D, third-person, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) style game for mobile. The game has multiple modes, with the main three being Grand Battle, Valley Skirmish and Abyssal Clash. Players compete in these matches which on average lasts for around 12-18 minutes. In AoV, players aim to destroy turrets on the map, in order to destroy the core and the enemy base.

Players control characters, referred to as heroes, and each of these heroes has a unique set of abilities. Heroes start the game at a low level and can earn level up in various ways. Killing non-player creatures such as minions or monsters, defeating other players, destroying structures, passively through time and through special items that can be purchased through the shop. These actions also increase XP the player has, making them more powerful. The items purchased do not carry over matches, and therefore all players are on equal footing at the start of the match.

AoV India server is finally arriving

Last year, Tencent games abandoned its India server of Arena of Valor. Earlier they used to play in other servers and that resulted in high ping. So, this is good news for Indian fans as they will have their own server now.

What will happen to old users?

The event of account transferring in India sever will start one week before the official launch of Arena of Valor global release. Players can log in with the FB account to get the exchange code and transfer the old account into the new server, including the resources of the heroes, skins, vouchers, golds, gems, LVL3 Arcana, etc. AoV has asked the players to go through the information available on both its social media page and in the game.

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