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Arknights Break the Ice event brings new operators, rewards and more

An exciting new side story event!

Strategic mobile RPG Arknights has launched a new side story event “Break the Ice” to reveal the “Snow Realm Incident” and other conflicts that happened in Kjerag. Rewards, furniture sets, new outfits, and operators will also be released in this new event in Arknights.

Players can earn the Stone of Kjeragandr by clearing event stages to redeem epic items

The conflict between the Silverash family and the traditionalist Paleroches and Browntails, Kjerag’s geopolitical predicament, and the Doctor’s visit at Enciodes’ invitation are the main features of this event. The tension in the air is also increased by the arrival of the Doctor. These issues would later get complicated, resulting in the Snow Realm Incident in Terra’s history, which would forever alter Kjerag.

Beginning on June 30th and lasting until July 21st, the new side narrative event. In order to redeem things from the Turicum Trade Zone, such as Kjera’s Token, Kjerag-Style Inn Furniture (Pieces), Headhunting Permit, LMD, Furniture Parts, Elite Materials, etc., players must complete event stages in order to receive the Stone of Kjeragandr.

Gift Uncompleted is another online login event. The Icefield Messenger Collection, Gift Unfinished for Beanstalk, Yan-Style Dressing Table, Kuro’s Festival New Home, and many other materials are available to players for 10 days after they log in.

New Operators are introduced in the Arknights Break the Ice event

Below are the new operators that will be introduced during the Near Light event:

Arknights Break the Ice event
Image via Yostar Games

6-star Operator: Gnosis

Gnosis is a Support Hexer with a focus on debuffs. He is a great candidate for stalling tactics because of his ability to cool or freeze enemies. He is a reliable ally who can make the enemy more vulnerable so that comrades can destroy them.

5-star Operator: Aurora

Aurora is a Duelist Defender that has good defense and the ability to deal a lot of damage. She could increase her damage output and defensive specialties by using her talents, which also deal more damage and last longer.

5-star Operator: Kjera

Kjera is a Mech-Accord Caster that excels at both crowd control and dealing damage to foes. Her abilities increase her overall DPS and let her make better use of the drones. Kjera and her drones’ attack damage could be improved by her talent.

Arknights Break the Ice event features new arrivals in the store

The occasion introduces the Icefield Messenger Collection of new costumes for Operators such Carnelian, Leonhardt, and Kafka. Bibeak, Arene, and Gravel’s Cambrian Series Re-Edition are back in stock. During the event, a brand-new collection of themed furniture and a Kjerag-Style Inn are available.

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