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Arknights Near Light event brings new operators, rewards, and more

An exciting new side story event!

Arknights, a strategic mobile RPG, kicks off its Thank-You Celebration in 2022 with a fresh new side narrative event called Near Light. Nearl returns to Kazimierz in the most recent plotline and participates in the Major once more. The doctor will reveal a succession of secrets in this neon metropolis after contacting various entities in Kazimierz. 7 new operators, log-in incentives, new series clothes, and a themed furniture set are all included in the update.

Follow the side story of Maria Nearl in the new Near Light event

The Near Light event spans from 10:00 a.m. on April 28th, 2022, until 3:59 p.m. on May 26th, 2022. (UTC-7). Maria Nearl’s side story is the focus of this episode. Margaret Nearl rejoins the Major after her return to Kazimierz, and she sets out to resist Kazimierz’s corruption. In this event, players will discover more about Kazimierz’s internal tales as well as more about the Kazimierz Armorless Union.

The ‘Near Light’ event adds a unique objective system called ‘Your Desk’ to the standard stages. Doctors can gain prestige by performing requests from Kazimierz’s primary soldiers. New images, tales, and unique levels will be unlocked whenever you reach a particular level of prestige.

Arknights 2022 Thank-You Celebration features exciting event rewards

A number of activities and incentives have been planned for the 2022 Thank-You Celebration. Doctors can join the game for a free 10-roll headhunting permission and 14 free daily login pulls from April 28th, 2022, 10:00 until May 12th, 2022, 03:59 (UTC-7). Doctors can also get one trail to mine for corundum in the Popping Valley Mining Area after logging in every day.

2022 Thank You Celebration
Image via Yostar

There will also be a Thank-You Celebration Login Event. Justice Knight (1-star Sniper), Furniture Pieces, Top Emergency Sanity Potion, Originite Prime, and Myrtle’s new costume Light Gold Celebration are among the prizes available to players that join in for ten days.

Doctors may also get a variety of goodies during the Near Light event by clearing stages and redeeming them from the event store, including 5-star operator Wild Mane’s Tokens, furniture pieces, Headhunting Permits, elite materials, and more.

New Operators are introduced in the Arknights Near Light event

Below are the new operators that will be introduced during the Near Light event:

1. Nearl the Radiant Knight

Coming back to Kazimierz, Nearl the Radiant Knight is a 6-star Guard. Her third skill can summon a ‘Blazing Sun’, dealing True damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for a short period. Also, her talent enables her attacks to ignore 20% of an enemy’s defense.

2. Flametail

The leading role of Pinus Sylvestris has finally come to Rhodes Island as a 6-star Vanguard. Her third skill allows her to gain a certain percentage of both Physical and Arts Dodge. After dodging an attack, her next attack deals with two hits and attacks all blocked enemies.

3. Corroserum

Corroserum is a 5-star Blast Caster, sharing the same branch as Ifrit, which can deal AOE Arts damage in a longliner range. His second skill can silence the targets for a short period.

4. Wild Mane

As a 5-star Vanguard, Wild Mane is the bonus operator that can be obtained for free in the Near Light event. Her second skill expands her attack range and moderately pushes the target. After her first deployment, all undeployed Guard Operators’ deployment costs will be reduced by 1.

5. Honeyberry

Honeyberry is a new 5-star Wandering Medic who can heal Elemental Damage suffered by friendlies. The ranged operators within her attack range can gain increased Maximum HP. Doctors can redeem her at the Purchase Certificates Store after this update.

6. Pudding

As another operator is added to the Purchase Certificates Store, Pudding is a 4-star Chain Caster whose attacks deal arts damage and jump between enemies. Each jump deals less damage and inflicts a short Slow on targets.

7. Justice Knight

Justice Knight is the bonus 1-star Sniper from the Thank-You Celebration login event. For a short period after deployment, all ranged allies within her attack range become less likely to be attacked and aerial enemies get a Fragile effect.

Arknights Near Light event features new arrivals in the store

Pallas, Poca, and Andreana now have the new EPOQUE Collection. At the same time, W, Texas, and Doberman costumes from the same collection will be restocked in the store. In addition, 15 re-edition outfits have been added to the store, including Exusiai’s Wild Operation, Shining’s Silent Night DN02, Ifrit’s Sunborn SS.SP, and more. The business will also sell a completely new set of themed furniture called ‘Kazimierz Broadcast Center.’

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