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Arknights Pinus Sylvestris event: New operators, witch-themed outfits and more

Lots in store for players!

Strategic mobile RPG Arknights launches a new story collection event Pinus Sylvestris to reveal the encounters among Nearl, Platinum, and 2 new operators before and after Nearl returned to Kazimierz. Rewards, furniture sets, and Witch Feast Series outfits are also released in this update.

Pinus Sylvestris Event in Arknights

Pinus Sylvestris, led by Sonna Flametail Knight, is made up entirely of Infected knights who compete in the Kazimierz Major alongside non-Infected knights. This faction protects Oripathy survivors as well as Kawalerielki’s victims of mass persecution.

From April 14th through April 24th, 2022, a new story collection event will take place. To claim event gifts, players can earn Lisc Tickets by clearing all stages except Annihilation and Extreme Mode during the event.

Arknights Pinus Sylvestris event
Image via Yostar Games

The Prize Exchange Center now has the brand new costume “Grave Thief for Click,” furniture pieces “Fartooth’s Windchimes” and “Ashlock’s Mailbox,” and many other rewards such as Information Fragments. Players can log in for 7 days for Dragon Boat Bed, LMD, and elite supplies as part of the limited-time Login Event “May the Sunshine Still.”

2 New Operators of Pinus Sylvest will arrive at this event

For this event, Fartooth and Ashlock are the two new operators. They initially made an appearance in the “Maria Nearl” event. Players who recruit Fartooth and Ashlock from the Headhunting, “A Wanderer in the Wind,” will receive a greater rate bonus. Moreover, both operators will gain more trust as a result of this incident.

Arknights Pinus Sylvestris event
New Operators in Arknights Pinus Sylvestris event
  • 6-star Operator: Fartooth, like Firewatch, is a high-DPS deadeye sniper. Her ability allows her to efficiently oppose foes who have a high Dodge rate. Her abilities can grant her enormous Strike Speed/Damage bonuses and extend her attack range indefinitely. Fartooth is ready to fight, with nuker damage, a large map range, and a lot of maneuverability.
  • 5-star Operator: When she isn’t blocking foes, Ashlock is the first fortress defender to use AoE Physical attacks at long range. Her unique strike range is greater than any other melee unit currently on the market. Ashlock is a fun operator in battle because of his versatility, which includes strong attack damage, a long attack range, and enemy blocking.

New and Re-edition Store Items in Arknights Pinus Sylvestris event

The event introduces the Witch Feast Series, which includes clothes for Blemishine, Shamare, and Snowsant. Nightingale, Warfarin, Kroos, and Grani are all back in stock as part of the Witch Feast Series/EPOQUE Collection Re-Edition.

For a limited time, Pinus Sylvestris Knightclub Break Room, a completely new set of themed furniture, is available. During the event, the Secret Occult Society Re-Edition Furniture Set will be available.

Are you excited about the Arknights Pinus Sylvestris event? Let us know in the comments below!

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