Azur Lane Aquilifer’s Ballade event brings new Sardegna Empire Ships, outfits, and more

Meet new and returning characters

Aquilifer’s Ballade is a brand-new Sardegna Empire big event that is being introduced in Azur Lane, a Naval Shoot ‘Em Up mobile game from Yostar. Roma in the Sardegna Empire has officially confirmed the World Expo’s official opening.

After the ceremony, she vanishes, although there are several hints that point to the green ghost. The inquiry started close to the big theater’s underground tube. Seven new shipgirls, several new outfits, gear skins with theatre themes, and additional numerous goodies are all part of this event.

Azur Lane Aquilifer’s Ballade event brings exciting rewards

From July 28 through August 10, 2022, the new event will be live. By clearing the event maps and gathering Expo Commemorative Coins to exchange for numerous great goodies, like Super Rare Giuseppe Garibaldi, players could begin exploring and experiencing the main story.

Emanuele Pessagno may be awarded to players who total a certain number of points. Players could employ the ships from Phase 1 of the event’s Call to Arms: Sardegna Empire to perform event missions, earn training points, and obtain the Splendor of Sardegna picture frame.

Azur Lane Aquilifer’s Ballade event features new and returning characters

The Sardegna Empire now features seven new characters, including Roma, Giuseppe Garibaldi, and Leonardo da Vinci, three Super Rare ships. Additionally, there is one META ship, Trento META, as well as the three Elite ships Emanuele Pessagno, Alfredo Oriani, and Bolzano. From the limited construction, Roma, Leonardo da Vinci, Alfredo Oriani, and Bolzano benefit more. While Baltimore and Alabama are back in the Heavy Construction Pool, Allen M. Sumner, Stephen Potter, and Birmingham are back in the Light Construction Pool.

Azur Lane Roma
Image via Yostar Games

In some circumstances, the battleship Roma may enhance her overall firepower, critical chance, and critical damage. This helps to dramatically shorten the time it takes for her main armament to reload, which is especially helpful when she is accompanied by at least three Sardegna Empire ships.

Leonardo da Vinci is a submarine that, when outfitted with Sardegna Empire hardware, may raise her own torpedo and accuracy numbers. She could also halt her movement and call forth the “Canguro” miniature droid, which advances and drops sea mines.

Azur Lane Leonardo Da Vinci
Image via Yostar Games

At the start of the battle, Giuseppe Garibaldi, a Light Cruiser, could increase her firepower, torpedo range, and reload speed. Her other abilities give her an advantage over other destroyers and light cruisers, increasing the damage she can do to them. She may restore a significant quantity of health based on her maximum health when her health falls below a particular threshold.

The Aquilifer’s Ballade event shop will feature exciting new items

The freshly added furniture set in this situation, Manjuu Ballroom, is what brings the shipgirls back to the theatre to take in the beauty of music and dancing. A new gear skin box called Stage Dance and various resource supply packs are also on sale.

azur Lane manjuu ballroom
Image via Yostar Games

Several shipgirls are featured live in the new costume series Rhythm and Steps. There are also two stunning L2D outfits available: Taihou – Sweet Time After School and Roma – White Heron of Darkest Night. The following outfits are available for rental: Taihou – Sweet Time After School (L2D), Roma – White Heron of Darkest Night (L2D), and Giuseppe Garibaldi – Noble Ivory Plumes. Players that log in throughout the event duration can earn two rental outfit coupons.

Are you excited about the Azur Lane Aquilifer’s Ballade event? Let us know in the comments below!

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