Azur Lane Revelations of Dust event brings new shipgirls, outfits and more

Azur Lane, a naval shoot ’em up mobile game, has launched its newest event, “Revelations of Dust“. The banner now has 5 additional HMS shipgirls, including the Super Rare Aircraft Carrier Implacable. During the event, a furniture set with a new school motif, gear skins, and skins will be available in the game.

Azur Lane Revelations of Dust event brings exciting rewards

The Revelations of Dust event will take place from February 23 through March 8, 2023. This incident is shown as taking place on a secluded island in icy waters close to the Antarctic. While all eyes were focused on the World Fair, the Queen dispatched an investigation fleet to uncover the scheme that was concealed beneath the magnificent exterior. Commanders can acquire Ancient Seal during the event to receive fantastic gifts like the Super Rare Battleship Royal Oak, the Elite Destroyer Hero, new equipment, etc.

Five New Characters make their way to Azur Lane

Implacable – UR Aircraft Carrier

When Implacable launches an Airstrike, she has a chance to lower the Speed of all enemies to zero and randomly reduce the Evasion stats of one enemy. When Implacable is afloat, based on the number of times ships in the fleet take damage, she gains stacks of No Mercy and has different effects when she launches an Airstrike.

Royal Oak – SR Battleship

Royal Oak can increase her Speed and Firepower when there is a Destroyer or Light Cruiser in the Vanguard. And she can protect one Royal Navy ship in the fleet from sinking when taking fatal damage.

Scylla – SR Light Cruiser

Scylla is a supporter for Aircraft Carriers, she can fire a special barrage that increases the aircraft damage taken by enemies hit by the barrage. Additionally, by shooting down aircrafts, she can trigger the Carrier Escort effect and reduce the damage taken by Aircraft Carriers and Light Aircraft Carriers.

Argus – Elite Light Aircraft Carrier

Argus can increase the Aviation, Reload stats and Experience gaining of the Aircraft Carriers and Light Aircraft Carriers in the fleet. When Argus launches an airstrike, she has a chance to launch an additional special torpedo bomber airstrike.

Hero – Elite Destroyer

At the beginning of the battle and every 20 seconds thereafter, Hero performs a Hero Knockout or Hero Slash attack and increases her Firepower, Torpedo and Anti-Submarine Warfare stats.

UR Aircraft Carrier Implacable has a rate up in the event construction and after every 200 event construction attempts, an additional copy of Implacable can be obtained. This can be activated up to 4 times. SR Battleship Royal Oak is redeemable in the event shop and can also be acquired in the construction pool, Elite Destroyer Hero can be obtained by accumulating PT in the event.

New Event Shop and Skins will be available during this event

This event adds nine new skins from the School Girl series, including “Shepherd of the “Lost”” for Implacable, “Fear of Changing… Clothes” for Janus, “Not-So-Serendipitous Rain” for Marblehead, “Femme Fatale Fresher” for Scylla, “Bashful Oak” for Royal Oak, “A Hundred Sleepless Eyes” for Argus, “The Devil Wears Knee-Highs”. Commanders can log in during the event period to earn 2 rental outfit vouchers, which can be used on the following skins:

  • Implacable – Shepherd of the “Lost” (Dynamic)
  • Royal Oak – Bashful Oak
  • Marblehead – Not-So-Serendipitous Rain (Dynamic)

Furthermore, the new furniture set “Royal Academy”, and “Gear Skin Box (Royal Academy)” are available for purchase in the shop.

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