Backbone One – PlayStation Edition is an officially licensed PlayStation controller for iOS devices

A new mobile controller option is now available in the market!

Sony has now given the Backbone One, the status of an officially licensed controller as the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition. It is a new product in the controller market that aims to make your gaming experience better, now with some perks putting it ahead of other options. Backbone One – PlayStation Edition is an officially licensed mobile controller for iOS users.

Before we get into the specifics, it’s important to understand that this is not a product coming directly from Sony. It’s a third-party option officially recognized by them which means it has certain extra features. Microsoft has been known to do this in the past with the Xbox, officially licensing a bunch of controllers from third-party manufacturers including PowerA and 8Bitdo to mention a few.

Backbone One – PlayStation Edition is a licensed mobile controller being manufactured by Backbone

Backbone has been making controllers for a while now and the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition seems to simply be a reskin of the regular Backbone One without any design changes. Although users can now make use of PlayStation Remote Play and connect to other accessories like the Pulse 3D Headset.

This device is exclusively compatible with iPhones and the specifications are on the official store page. In terms of the design, it’s similar to the Razer Kishi. It fits snugly on either end and is connected by a spine (no pun intended) joining the two halves.

While Sony did have a patent out for their in-house controller for mobile, this isn’t it. Although we could hear more about that in the near future unless they shelved it completely in favor of these licensed devices.

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