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Badlanders Season 4: Neon Invader begins with exciting new features and events

Survive and Loot, a Next-level Shooter Experience!

Today marks the official start of S4: Neon Invader of NetEase Games‘ brand-new competitive survival looter-shooter, Badlanders. Since its release, this game has skyrocketed in popularity throughout Southeast Asia thanks to its novel escape mechanism and distinct method of wealth competition.

The Badlanders’ experience will be elevated to a whole new level with the launch of the new S4. Players can go to any significant app store to download the game and start their neon adventure.

Badlanders has garnered massive attention from players thanks to its innovative gameplay. Unlike common Battle Royale games in which players fight to be the last ones standing, Badlanders revolves around looting. After entering the game, players can achieve victory simply by evacuating from the escape points scattered across the map. Winning is no longer the privilege of a single player or a team.

Explore massive content in the new season of Badlanders

Badlanders S4: Neon Invader has officially begun. Massive content awaits exploration. Players can win the new MK14 firearm by defending headquarters against the looter boss invasion or compete with friends for the title of champion in the all-new Ace Summit Tournament.

Badlanders S4
Image via NetEase

Season exclusive outfits: Singular and Trespasser as well as Firearm camouflage: Turbine and Hyperspace await players. Meanwhile, the game’s graphics quality and anti-aliasing have also been improved to offer players an even better visual experience as they deal with the Neon Invader.

The new season brings exciting new events with amazing rewards

In addition to Neon Invader’s launch, the Badlanders team has planned a number of other activities. The CE Supply Box can be unlocked by gamers starting on July 13 by recruiting friends to join their squad. Energetic Era Outfit Trial Cards, Room Cards, and Cashpoints will also be included in the rewards.

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