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Baki: King of Souls is a mobile game spinoff based on the anime series set to release in Japan this year

Work in progress for Mobile game based on the popular anime Baki!

Baki: King of Souls is being developed in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the hit anime series. Baki: King of Souls will first release in Japan for Android and iOS. The devs are yet to disclose any information about any possible global release of the game.

Baki: King of Souls is expected to incorporate all the action and adventure from the anime

According to reports, the Baki: King of Soul release will be in the form of an action RPG that will feature a lot of hand-to-hand combat. The game will be following a freemium model like most online games nowadays. The game can be downloaded for free and will contain in-app purchases which will include different upgrades for the players.

Staying true to its source material the game will have Baki Hanma as the lead character who will be embarking on a journey of thrill, action, and adventure. Players will get to experience the immersive world of blockbuster anime. They will get the chance to go on a wild rollercoaster ride in Baki’s world.

Dive into the world of the popular anime series Baki

The anime series has a world filled up with different brawlers and fighters who have unique styles of their own. Since the game is taking inspiration from anime, players will get a taste of the diverse world featured in the anime. Hopefully, some of the strongest fighters in the Baki universe Katsumi Orochi, Gōki Shibukawa, Doppo Orochi, and Mohammad Alai Jr will be included in the game.
The official announcement of Baki: King of Soul release

Keep checking this space and we will be updating as soon as any news regarding the release date of the game arrives. Fans of the hit anime are surely looking forward to Baki: King of Soul’s release and hope we might get a worldwide release date soon. For additional information, players can always check the game’s social media accounts for more details.

Are you excited for Baki: KIng of Souls’ release in Japan in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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