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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): Krafton announces changes in Game’s rules of conduct

New list of BGMI rules of conduct to handle misconduct and abuse!

In their most recent in-game announcement, Krafton, the developers of the popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India, popularly known as BGMI, announced their new list of rules of conduct in-game out of the game for all players concerned. The changes are reportedly being brought in to handle misconduct and abuse in the Game.

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BGMI New Rules of Conduct

The list of misconducts and their penalties are listed below:

  1. Prohibition of unauthorized software, programs, or hardware devices: The use of any such items which promote unfair gameplay can be met with strong repercussions such as a permanent ban and legal action against the distributors. 
  2. Modification of game client, servers, or data: Players are discouraged from modifying any game files without authorization as it violates the copyright laws and game services. 
  3. Abuse of bugs and glitches in-game: Players often resort to abusing certain bugs and glitches in the game to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Players doing so will be penalized in-game for their actions.
  4. Stand against discrimination: According to the announcement, any racial or sexual discrimination is strictly prohibited. Also, excessive swear words and online harassment will be subject to restrictions from the customer service.
  5. The use of inappropriate in-game names: The use of any name which is obscene, abusive in nature, or impersonates another player will be treated as misconduct, and the developers will revert that name to whatever seems fit.
  6. Griefing: The action of griefing or negatively affecting the gameplay of your teammates, such as team killing, will be met with penalties if the actions are deemed intentional.
  7. Teaming up: Teaming up with enemy players to gain an advantage on other players will also be subject to in-game penalties such as a ban.
  8. Doxing: The act of doxing or publishing the personal information of players online without consent will be penalized as a violation of privacy policies. 
  9. Manipulating match results: Strong penalties may be imposed on those who unfairly manipulate the game’s results by taking unfair advantage in exchange for cash, goods and services, manipulating additional accounts and their account. Those who get caught may end up losing all acquired in-game items.
  10. Stealing another player’s account: Using unfair means to gain access to another player’s account might result in a ban and the concerned account being restricted till further notice.
  11. Being AFK in a match: It has been observed that players often go AFK or offline midway through a match, adversely affecting their teammate’s gameplay. This could be penalized by confiscation of in-game items.
  12. Prohibition against trading accounts: Users caught doing so will face appropriate measures as consequences.
  13. Do not disturb business operations: Users who spread false information, abuse the customer service platform, impersonate an employee, create and spread rumours, or conduct any other acts that disturb the company’s normal business operations may be permanently banned from the game depending on the seriousness of the misconduct.
  14. Do Not Play the Game Abnormally: Suppose BGMI detects any abnormal gameplay patterns that are impossible to perform in the Game. In that case, measures could be taken against the account that performs such action to create a fair gameplay environment.
  15. Other undefined misconducts: Any other misconduct which isn’t listed but negatively affects the Game will be dealt with accordingly. 

Final Thoughts

In the light of the recent flooding of complaints regarding misconduct in the Game, Krafton has taken steps to ensure the elimination of such malicious activities. This will foster a better consumer-provider relationship and make the users put more trust in the developers.

What are your thoughts on the new BGMI Rules of Conduct? Let us know in the comments below.

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